Intimacy In and Out of the Marriage Bed

Marriage Moment: Intimacy In and Out of the Marriage Bed | Renée at #MarriageMoments

Marriage Moment: In the Marriage Bed Part III Intimacy is one of those words that takes on different meanings to each person. For some it’s a reference to a close spiritual relationship that develops between two individuals, for others it’s about friendship, while for some it’s about the affectionate relationship.  The reality is all of those definitions are true. In the adjective form of the […] Read More

She’s Trusting God to Supply Her Needs

I’d like to introduce you to homeschool mom, Dawn Cole. She is mom to 8 children. The oldest has graduated, the youngest is too young for school. That leaves 6 children that she is currently homeschooling at Cornerstone Christian Academy, they are in grades 12th, 10th, 7th, 4th, 3rd,  and 1st. That is certainly quite an array of ages/grades to cover in one academic year […] Read More

All Lives Matter Choose LIFE #ShoutYourAdoption

All Lives Matter Choose LIFE | #ShoutYourAdoption |

I am not one to delve into a political discussion on my blog. I have opinions, ideals and I do enough political monitoring to be able to make informed voting decisions. But when it comes to the day in day out political discussions happening around the web, I usually steer clear.  Today, I’m pretty fired up. Seeing posts, tweets, and trends celebrating the murder of […] Read More

Is Christian Hospitality a Lifetime Commitment?

Is Christian Hospitality a Lifetime Commitment? by Renée at Great Peace

Our Christian Responsibility Toward Hospitality In the word of God we see hospitality both demonstrated and instructed. We only see the word hospitality in the Bible a few times, yet we see it demonstrated beautifully throughout the word of God. From the king and High Priest Melchizedek, through the beautiful stories of Jethro the father-in-law of Moses and Esther the unexpected queen, to the mother-in-law […] Read More

My Breakthrough Homeschool Life Perspective

My Breakthrough Homeschool Life Perspective | Great Peace Academy

My Homeschool Life Perspective Changed Recently, my life has been going through a change. I wrote about the new normal of my family a while ago, and since that time, things have continued to change for me. With change in a mom’s life also comes change in a child’s life. This has allowed me a chance to reflect on what matters most in life. What […] Read More

How the Challenge of Love is Grief

The challenge of love is grief. When life leads to heartbreak. | Renée at Great Peace

When Life Leads to Heartbreak The past 6 months, beginning on January 26th, life has been busy for me. Remember when I told you about how life has taken on a new normal?  Following that blog post, my father continued to recover from the struggles of that illness and the major surgery that he experienced. He was in the hospital, well 4 different hospitals, for […] Read More

When Life Leads to Tears

Life: Grow Old with Me, Marriage Moment at Great Peace Academy

The Week I Cried I haven’t written here about all that’s going on with my life right now. There are many reasons why I haven’t written yet there were many times I wanted to open my heart and share with you. If you haven’t noticed I haven’t been online much lately. Some posts have gone out which were pre-scheduled. Some were works in progress that I […] Read More

A Typical Day and Unexpected Learning

Learning to Adapt in Order to Accomplish Tasks   So maybe your wondering what a typical day looks like in a homeschool classroom. We are fortunate enough to have a nice classroom set up. Jonathan has a student desk and next to it is a small table for keeping his supplies on. I have a desk, which is really an old dining room table, where […] Read More