10 Best Homeschool Math Outsourced Options Online

10 Resources for Outsourcing Homeschool Math Instruction | Renée at Great Peace #math #homeschooling #ihsnet

Math can be one of those subjects that gives pause to many homeschooling teachers. This mom included. It still gives me pause as my son speeds past my abilities time and time again. But one of the best pieces of homeschooling advice I’ve ever learned was the  idea of outsourcing. I do this with online math resources. This post may contain affiliate links to products […] Read More

Gifts for Math Minded Kids

Gifts for Math Minded Kids | #gifted #gtchat #homeschool #ihsnet

When you have a math minded child it’s incredible how fast they absorb numerical information. Their minds are moving so rapidly that they may struggle to relax. I often think that my son would lay in bed calculating physics or composing music all night if we didn’t intervene. He just wants and needs more, and if you have a math minded child yours does as […] Read More

How to Find Core Math Homeschool Curriculum for High School

How to Find Core Math Homeschool Curriculum for High School | Renée at Great Peace #ihsnet

When it comes to high school, math is the one subject that gives most homeschool moms the most worry. Add to that, a good core math curriculum can cost $200, $300, or more and you might just want to throw in the homeschooling towel. But, let me assure you that you can find affordable, award winning, math curriculum without having to break the bank. I […] Read More

How to Find Help to Identify Gaps in Gifted Math Learning

How to Find Help to Identify Gaps in Gifted Math Learning | Renée at Great Peace #math #gifted #ihsnet

I know it seems silly to say, but I sometimes wonder if my academically gifted child has gaps in learning. But the reality is, I do worry about that. This is especially true in math. Since he’s working 3 to 4 years ahead of his “grade/age” level I wonder if the speed at which he’s working is skipping over areas that he might be missing. […] Read More

100+ Architectural Engineering Resources for Smart Kids

I’ve told you before how my son is hoping to be an architect when he grows up. From what I’ve been told it’s a difficult career to get started in and the collegiate program is both difficult to enroll in and challenging to say the least. But, I’m a firm believer in the “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” mentality.  […] Read More

Ideas for Teaching STEM utilizing a 3d Pen in Homeschool

Ideas for Teaching STEM utilizing a 3d Pen in Homeschool | GreatPeaceAcademy.com

My son is fascinated by all things STEM, throw in art and he’s over the moon excited. Which is why I’ve been working to figure out how to utilize a 3D pen in homeschool to encourage his active mind to explore STEM in many aspects.  No doubt my son is fascinated by engineering, which means that science, technology and math are at the forefront of his […] Read More

How to Develop Thinking Skills with Brain Games

As I’ve shared with you many times I have a child who is constantly needing more. He is always consuming brain games, puzzle books, mind-twisters, logic puzzles, and more, very quickly. He has an insatiable desire to gain more knowledge, to be challenged more and to need more mental stimulation. That’s why I try to keep on hand recreational math workbooks. So he always discovers […] Read More

What is Pi? – A Pi Day Unit Study Download

What is Pi? A Pi Day Mini Unit Study | GreatPeaceAcademy.com

It’s World Pi Day! And I’m sharing a Mini Pi Day Unit Study with you. Did you know? Or, do you even know what that means? Pi is the mathematical constant of a circle. Pi is an irrational number π which cannot be expressed as a fraction because the decimal equivalent is infinite. It doesn’t end or show a repeating pattern. Every circle ratio can be calculated to […] Read More