5 Best Ways to Find Support for Homeschool Moms

5 Best Ways to Find Homeschool Mom Support| Renée at Great Peace

Homeschoolers can often find themselves feeling isolated, alone and without much support. But, you are not alone. But, homeschool moms, support is likely closer than you think. In order to find it,  you are going to have to do some leg work. Home Education is the fastest growing form of education in our country and as society becomes more and more dis-satisfied with the public education system you can […] Read More

What to Say to the Homeschooling Critics

What to Say to the Homeschooling Critics | ReneeatGreatPeace #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolmoms #ihsnet

Whether you are just starting out homeschooling, or you’ve been homeschooling for years chances are you’ve been met with a critic or two. Often they present you with a question that immediately puts you on the defense concerning your choice to homeschool. Such homeschooling critics are often misinformed or ignorant to the realities of homeschooling.  This post contains affiliate advertisement links. Does that mean you […] Read More

A Mother’s Role and Why You Should Discipline Your Child

A Mother's Role, Why You Should Discipline Your Child | Renée at Great Peace

From the earliest of ages, you can begin to discipline your child. The word discipline, means to disciple, to train to act in accordance with rules.   There are many forms of discipline, but the purpose of this discussion is to explore why you should begin to discipline your child from the earliest age and continue to teach, lead and guide discipline all the way […] Read More

How to Set your Heart Free from a Prison of Overabundance

How to set your Heart Free from a Prison of Overabundance | Renée at Great Peace

Are You Imprisoned by Abundance? Have you ever looked around at American culture and noticed how much we truly have? From grocery store shelves to transportation to technology, our choices seem endless. Secular education is available to all, and jobs exist in fields I would never have imagined. Yet, in all this overabundance we are dissatisfied. The Struggle with Overabundance Someone else always has a […] Read More

10 Must Have Homeschooling Books for Mom and Dad

Homeschooling, as a homeschool mom who started out scared to death that I’d mess up my boy and has grown into a mom who after 8 years is ever-growing in the work, knowledge and joy of homeschooling I know that all along the way there are both challenges and rewards. Whatever part of the path you find yourself on, you can rest assured that someone, […] Read More

12 Homeschool Quotes for the Heart of a Mom

I’m sharing my favorite homeschool quotes to help motivate you for the rest of the school year. Be sure to download and print your free printable Scripture Art below. It’s this time of year when I start to feel bogged down, and I can see my student does too. I want to just get the schooling done so we can wrap up book learning and […] Read More

Dear Mom of Little Ones

Dear moms of little ones. | Great Peace Academy

An Open Letter for the Mom of Little Ones I watch you and see that you feel overwhelmed. Being a mom to little ones can be hard, exhausting work. I know sometimes it feels as if you’ll never sleep again. I understand that you often feel alone, as if, no one truly understands how it feels. I perceive that you never imagined that this is what the […] Read More