Learn about a New Flexible Homeschool Planning App

Learn about a New Flexible Homeschool Planning App | Renée at Great Peace #ihsnet

Homeschooling today looks so different than when I first got started. My son is older and officially a high school homeschooler this year. With that our scheduling looks quite different. This coming year we’ll be doing piano, homeschool co-op, First LEGO League, and likely other outsourced activities. Which means homeschool planning needs to be flexible.  This post is a paid advertorial for Flexible School Schedule. […] Read More

10 Homeschool Planners to Consider for the 2016-2017 Year

10 Homeschool Planners to Consider | GreatPeaceAcademy.com

Have you been searching homeschool planners to find just the right one for the coming year? I have! It’s super important for me this year more than ever to be diligent about keeping my homeschool records up to date. Why? We moved to Missouri.  Missouri laws are quite different from the laws in Ohio. I’d almost say they are completely opposite from the laws in Ohio. […] Read More

Resources for Planners You Don’t Want to Miss

Top 10 Resource Lists for Finding the Perfect Planner for You | Renée at Great Peace

Why are planners important for stay at home moms? There are times when a mom can become overwhelmed by all that life throws my way. Try as you might to remember what you’re supposed to be doing and when can often be daunting. One way that a stay at home mom, work at home mom, and homeschool teacher can stay organized with the various things she needs to […] Read More

How To Organize the Year with an Amazing Homeschool Planner

Organize the whole family with a homeschool planner. | Great Peace Academy

A Homeschool Planner to Organize the Whole Family Sometimes homeschooling looks a bit chaotic. Because I have been acting as caregiver for my parents (and continue to do so for my mom) and Beloved has a full-time work schedule that often includes travel, we can often find ourselves in three different locations geographically.  There are times when Young Man travels along with me as I serve as caregiver. Other times he might […] Read More

Teaching Personal Responsibility with a Student Planner

A customizable student planner from A Plan in Place, review at Great Peace Academy

A Homeschool Planner Student Edition Review It’s one of those days that every homeschool mom looks forward to then when it comes we look back longingly at the little child of yesterday and find that we miss them. I’m talking about the day when our child begins to work independently. We want them to have the independent skills, yet we also want them to stay […] Read More