Homeschool Schedules to Fit Your Family Lifestyle

Homeschool Schedules to Fit Your Family Lifestyle | Renée at Great Peace

Is your Homeschool Schedule Winding Down or Gearing Up? Homeschool schedules are vastly different depending on the family. Some are choosing to school through summer, others begin their school year in January and transition with the calendar while others are choosing year round school, taking time off throughout the calendar.  Academic years are ending. Most schoolers are closing out a year and winding down for summer. But not everyone […] Read More

Learn about a New Flexible Homeschool Planning App

Learn about a New Flexible Homeschool Planning App | Renée at Great Peace #ihsnet

Homeschooling today looks so different than when I first got started. My son is older and officially a high school homeschooler this year. With that our scheduling looks quite different. This coming year we’ll be doing piano, homeschool co-op, First LEGO League, and likely other outsourced activities. Which means homeschool planning needs to be flexible.  This post is a paid advertorial for Flexible School Schedule. […] Read More

How To Organize the Year with an Amazing Homeschool Planner

Organize the whole family with a homeschool planner. | Great Peace Academy

A Homeschool Planner to Organize the Whole Family Sometimes homeschooling looks a bit chaotic. Because I have been acting as caregiver for my parents (and continue to do so for my mom) and Beloved has a full-time work schedule that often includes travel, we can often find ourselves in three different locations geographically.  There are times when Young Man travels along with me as I serve as caregiver. Other times he might […] Read More

My Breakthrough Homeschool Life Perspective

My Breakthrough Homeschool Life Perspective | Great Peace Academy

My Homeschool Life Perspective Changed Recently, my life has been going through a change. I wrote about the new normal of my family a while ago, and since that time, things have continued to change for me. With change in a mom’s life also comes change in a child’s life. This has allowed me a chance to reflect on what matters most in life. What […] Read More

Free Meal Planning Printables

Weekly Meal Planning Printable | Great Peace Academy

Planning to Stock Up Your Kitchen  Meal planning is one of those areas where I want to share encouragement in your role as a wife, mom and homeschooler. As moms and wives we generally have to plan 21 meals every week, plus snacks, desserts and sometimes we even entertain. To help you in your planning efforts I’m sharing some free meal planning printables but I also want to […] Read More