Top 10 Music Appreciation Curricula for Homeschoolers

Top 10 Music Appreciation Curriculum for Homeschool | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool | René #musciappreciation #homeschool #ihsnet #music

So yesterday I started sharing the Ultimate Guide to teaching Music in your Homeschool. This is part 2 of a 5 day hopscotch. Sometimes the easiest way to include a subject into our learning days is to have a curriculum that guides us through the process. Which is why today, we are going to take a look at the top 10 music appreciation curricula that is available […] Read More

10 Best Homeschool Math Outsourced Options Online

10 Resources for Outsourcing Homeschool Math Instruction | Renée at Great Peace #math #homeschooling #ihsnet

Math can be one of those subjects that gives pause to many homeschooling teachers. This mom included. It still gives me pause as my son speeds past my abilities time and time again. But one of the best pieces of homeschooling advice I’ve ever learned was the  idea of outsourcing. I do this with online math resources. This post may contain affiliate links to products […] Read More

Gifts for Math Minded Kids

Gifts for Math Minded Kids | #gifted #gtchat #homeschool #ihsnet

When you have a math minded child it’s incredible how fast they absorb numerical information. Their minds are moving so rapidly that they may struggle to relax. I often think that my son would lay in bed calculating physics or composing music all night if we didn’t intervene. He just wants and needs more, and if you have a math minded child yours does as […] Read More

10 Resources for Teaching Botany in Homeschool

10 Resources for a Botany Homeschool Study | #ihsnet #homeschool #science #botany

Botany, the study of plants. One of the sciences that often gets overlooked. Sometimes this is due to botany being studied inside a greater biology study while other times it’s due to interests. There are some who simply feel that they have no ability to grow plants successfully, therefore they choose to not endeavor into Botany science.    This post contains affiliate advertisement links to […] Read More

Amazing Homeschool Supplies for your Whole Life

Amazing Homeschool Supplies for your Whole Life, Practical uses for homeschool supplies | Renée at Great Peace #ihsnet #homschool #keeperathome

As homeschool moms we have a lot to juggle. We manage households, our families, our children, and we educate them as well. Sometimes, when you find something that makes life easier or more interesting you just want to share it with the world. When our homeschool supplies also double as a resources for other parts of your life, you know it’s a good resource to have.  This […] Read More

10 Places to Find Free Homeschool Pages

10 Places to Find Free Homeschool Pages | #Printables #Homeschool

Free Homeschool Pages Lapbooks, Notebooking Pages, & Unit Studies Are you just starting to think about maybe homeschooling your kids next fall, but worried about how to afford it? Or, are you facing a new chapter in your life that makes budgeting for homeschool supplies very tight. Whatever your reason for needing to find free homeschool pages, you’ve come to the right place.  I’ve been […] Read More

10 Resources That will Help You Find Fine Arts

10 Resources for finding Fine Arts to Explore | Great Peace Academy

Fine Arts for your Homeschool Students When my husband and I were first married, we attended a touring performance of Les Mésirables. Being from a small, very rural town and having very little exposure to the arts, I sat in wonderment at the theatrics, the music and the beauty of the entire drama that was unfolding before me. I knew then that I wanted to […] Read More

25 Resources for Awesome FREE Homeschooling

25 Resources for Awesome FREE Homeschooling | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #curriculum #ihsnet

There are times when a family has to tighten the budget. Sometimes, it comes from making the hard decision for one parent to come home from working outside the house in order to homeschool. Other times it’s because of job loss or changes in employment status.Whatever the reason when you have a tight budget, it’s important to know you can homeschool on any budget. In […] Read More