Preparing for Sanctification

Set Your Minds Preparing for Sanctification, Devotional Thoughts at Great Peace Academy`

Set Your Minds: Sanctification  Preparing for Sanctification by Preparing  Your Hearts As mom’s we often are rushed on Sunday mornings. We have a lot to do getting a family ready, fed and out of the house in time for Bible class which can leave us feeling disconnected and without the proper frame of mind to go in to the Sacred Assembly to offer praise to our Father […] Read More

Set Your Minds: Making Lord’s Day Preparations

Set Your Minds: Preparing for Worship, Devotional Thoughts at Great Peace Academy

Preparing for Worship For so many years, I felt like Sunday mornings were filled with rushing and lack of control. This was never my intention. I desire to be prepared both physically and spiritually to go into worship with a mind set to offer praise to the Father in humility of spirit.    Read all of the Set Your Mind Worship Series for Women.   […] Read More