How to be a Genuine Light of Hospitality to the World

How to be light of hospitality to your community. By Renée at Great Peace

Being hospitable comes naturally and easy to some while others can feel overwhelmed, shy and perhaps even unsure of what to do. I tend to be a little of both. Once I get started with a plan, I tend to feel natural in the process but often feel unsure that others would want to share in my hospitality. Whenever I have those feelings I tend […] Read More

Your Best Homemaking Tips

Your Best Homemaking Tips! Readers share their best tips for homemaking at Great Peace Academy

As we wrap up this home and keeping series I thought about the best way to grow as a homemaker. I think perhaps it is to learn from other homemakers and their experience. So I reached out to you over on my Facebook Community. Oh, and if you don’t currently follow me on Facebook, just click LIKE in the Facebook Widget of my Sidebar right now, that […] Read More

5 Tips for Reconnecting Your Marriage

5 Tips for Reconnecting your Marriage. Marriage Moments at Great Peace Academy

During Difficult Times, Marriage Moment These past six months have been interesting for Beloved and I. He continues to be unemployed, yet the Lord continues to bless him with work. He is working freelance television and sports production work and when he isn’t doing that, he has been able to work as a day laborer for a local HVAC company. I am so proud that […] Read More