10 Things to NOT Do When Your Husband is a Loner

10 Things to Not Do When Your Husband is a Loner | Renée at Great Peace #marriagemoments #marriage #husbands #wives #lonerhusbands

When your husband is a loner, you may find yourself struggling with certain situations. From social gatherings to your own personal needs, it isn’t uncommon to feel frustrated as you attempt to navigate your marriage. The truth is though, your loner husband may also be feeling a little lost, especially when you try to force certain issues.  There are some things not to do when […] Read More

5 Date Night Ideas When Your Husband is a Loner

If you are married to a loner, you may be craving a date night. Especially if you are an extrovert. You see, while your husband may prefer to stay home and away from social situations, sometimes you just want to get out and participate in some fun and romantic time, even if it is just the two of you. So how do you come up […] Read More

100 Proven Ways to Have a Stronger Marriage

100 Ways to Have a Stronger Marriage | Renée at Great Peace #marriage #marriagemoments #homeschoolmoms #ihsnet

A marriage is a living entity. It grows and changes over time. It is two people working together to in a symbiotic relationship. But, just as anything without proper sustenance, without proper care, it can become stagnant. That doesn’t mean it’s dead, it is still possible to grow a stronger marriage. Daily, you have the freedom to choose. You can decide to work toward stronger marriage. […] Read More

How to Set your Heart Free from a Prison of Overabundance

How to set your Heart Free from a Prison of Overabundance | Renée at Great Peace

Are You Imprisoned by Abundance? Have you ever looked around at American culture and noticed how much we truly have? From grocery store shelves to transportation to technology, our choices seem endless. Secular education is available to all, and jobs exist in fields I would never have imagined. Yet, in all this overabundance we are dissatisfied. The Struggle with Overabundance Someone else always has a […] Read More

Marriage Challenge: Focus on His Needs

In this Marriage Challenge, Day 2, we’re going to focus on his needs. Learn to walk beside him, helping him, and ensuring he has what he needs. In the everyday of life we get caught up in meeting the needs of everyone around us. Sometimes it’s the needs of our children, other times it’s the needs of friends or neighbors. We might even discover that we are […] Read More

5 Day Marriage Challenge | Win the Love of His Heart, Again

5 Day Marriage Challenge | Renèe at Great Peace #marriagemoments #marriagechallenge #marriage #wives

Do you ever feel concerned that your losing grasp on your marriage? In a time where divorce is as easy as a simple signature on a piece of paper, we must truly be diligent to secure our marriage relationships. Scroll down to join in this 5 Day Marriage Challenge. As homeschool moms, we often find ourselves caught up in the day to day role of […] Read More