Set Your Minds: Worship in Spirit and Truth

Set Your Minds Worship in Spirit and Truth, devotional thoughts at Great Peace Academy

O’ Worship the King Worship is not about ourselves. It is not about how we feel or how it makes us feel. Worship is to give honor to God through adoring reverence. Worship is about adoring HIM. We Praise Him through the act of expressing our adoration of HIM. Worship is not about me, it is not about you, it is about Him. Doing this requires us […] Read More

Set Your Minds: Why Worship?

Set Your Minds: Why Worship? Devotional Thoughts at Great Peace Academy

Why do we worship? We’ve previously looked at preparing our physical surroundings, preparing the things we need, preparing breakfast and preparing our minds. To continue on, I want to turn our focus to the purpose of worship as we learn to “SET YOUR MIND ON THINGS ABOVE.” Have you asked yourself, ‘Why Sunday?’ As we read through scripture we see that in the Old Testament from […] Read More

Set Your Mind: Prepare Your Mind

Prepare your Mind for Worship, devotional thoughts at Great Peace Academy.

Over the course of this series I have shared with you some of the ways that I prepare for the Lord’s Day. I have done this because I know how difficult it is as mom’s to get our families ready, fed and out of the house and to the place of worship on time and most especially in the right frame of mind.     If […] Read More

Training up in Worship: Toys

This post will most likely step on some toes. If that’s the case, know that I write it from a heart that loves souls. This is the one where I talk about toys in the worship assembly. I’m going to share my opinion regarding them. I’m going to talk about when and what are appropriate and when they aren’t and what isn’t appropriate. If you […] Read More

Training up in Worship: Set the Standard

Set the standard, training up in worship. | Great Peace Academy

In this series on Training Up in Worship. We’ve come to some practical advice time. I’ve laid some foundations. Training begins with infancy, requires repetition and begins at home.   I know you are curious for how to go about the practical application while in the assembly. I can hear what you are thinking. ‘It’s too hard with 2, 3 or more children.’  You are […] Read More

Worship Training Begins at Home

Worship training begins at home. | Great Peace Academy

Training Up in Worship: Begins at Home Maybe you are thinking, “What’s the big deal? They are just kid’s let them be.” The big deal is these babies, toddlers and children will not remain children for very long. They will soon enough grow up and begin to form their own opinion, their own choices, and they will become responsible for their own actions. They will […] Read More

Training Up in Worship with Repetition

Training up in Worship with Repetition | Great Peace Academy

Training Up in Worship Tip #2 Worship training requires consistent repetition, patience, and perseverance. Train Up Children to understand Worship with Repetition Worship training does not happen overnight. This training, once started, and at whatever age you begin, will require patience, persistence, perseverance, and consistent repetition on the part of the parents. In fact, if you wait until school age or later to begin worship training, you […] Read More

The LORD’s Day

The Lord's Day

The Importance of the First Day of the Week, The Lord’s Day It’s after midnight as I reflect upon the day just past. It’s Monday now, the 2nd day of the week. When dawn arrives it will be another day of school and housework, possibly groceries.    The day that is just ended was the first day of the week. The Lord’s Day. On this day […] Read More