Take the Fear Out of College Prep with Online Homeschool Courses

Homeschooling high school can give a mom anxiety! Especially if you are planning out college prep for your students. But, I’m going to let you in on a little secret… utilize online homeschool courses for college prep. I’ve told you before, outsourcing is a great way to teach courses you aren’t confident in.

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But, what exactly is college prep? It involves intensive courses designed to prepare your student for college. For homeschool moms that can be overwhelming. But you don’t have to fear! Intensive online homeschool courses are available and you can begin utilizing them today.

I have to be honest, even with my teen entering into 11th grade I still have that nagging feeling that we’ve not done enough. I worry that I’ve missed important education.

When I was starting out homeschooling I kept thinking…. I’ll worry about high school, and college, when the time comes. That seems like a year ago. But, it has been 11 years now and here we are. Just two short years away from homeschool high school graduation. It goes so fast.

Homeschooling can be terrifying through any and all the years. But, the reality is we can let our own insecurities inhibit the choices we make for our kids.

Letting go of the need to control each moment of their schooling means we open the door to homeschooling freedom.

You can utilize outstanding online homeschool courses to provide your high school students with excellent college prep classes. This will allow them to be fully prepared to enter the collegiate world. And, you can do so while still holding to your Christian principles in the process.

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Online Homeschool Courses with College Prep Science

College Prep Science offers online homeschool courses with a Christian world view. The online program is designed to provide homeschool students a way to take college prep classes from their own home.

Classes are taught by Professor Greg Landry, M.S., a college professor and research scientist turned homeschool dad with 20+ years of home education experience. Read more about Mr. Landry’s homeschool story.

  • Christian based
  • Live Interaction
  • Graded Tests & Assignments
  • Skilled Science Teacher
  • Students interact with each other
  • Final Class Grade Issued

Online Homeschool Courses

  • Biology
  • Life Prep Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Life Prep Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Life Prep Physics
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • Exercise and Sports Physiology

Online Homeschool Courses Starting January, 2020

  • Pre-Biology (6th-9th)
  • Pre-Physics (6th-9th)
  • Forensic Science & Human Anatomy

Learn More about these Homeschool Courses

Learn more about the online homeschool courses offered by College Prep Science.

Homeschooling high school college prep science doesn’t have to be as scary as we moms can make it out to be. With online homeschool courses you can offer your students everything they need to be prepared for college.

Take the Fear Out of College Prep with Online Homeschool Courses

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    1. Kathy,
      To my knowledge these are not dual credit courses. They are college prep courses that serve for high school credit. You can verify by using the contact tab on their website.

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