5 Unexpected Ways to Teach Music Appreciation in your Homeschool

Teaching music appreciation is an important component to homeschooling. While many don’t believe this to be true, music appreciation can be just as vital as the core subjects you teach from home.

5 Unexpected Ways to Teach Music in Homeschool | Renée at Great Peace #musicappreciation #homeschool #ihsnet

Music can serve as a foundation of math learning. Music can inspire creative thinking, writing, and dramatic reading. Music can bring peacefulness to the school day, or lift spirits when the winter doldrums hit. Music can energize and get kids motivated to move.

Whether you are a music enthusiast yourself, play an instrument, or know very little about music at all, there are ways to teach music appreciation in your homeschool that will get your kids interested in music and learning at the same time.

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1 -Get Cozy with Movie Composers

Figure out what movies your children love most and listen to their soundtracks. Discuss how the composer chooses each song for the soundtrack.


While some composers write their own music to go with the movie, others arrange and choose the music to include. There are many popular movie composers out there to highlight, so take your time going through them.

Learn to to implement notebooking pages and unit studies along with your movie composers study.


Famous Composers Notebooking Pages

2 – Make Musical Crafts

Crafts are a fun and hands on way to teach children more about many things and music is one of them. Craft musical instruments out of different household items.

An empty plastic bottle and beans makes for a great shaker and empty pots of different sizes make fantastic drums. In fact, you can even craft wind-chimes using bamboo, seashells or even reeds. This will help children to learn that not all music is perfect, and some is created by nature itself.


3 – Go to a Concert

Live music is a fantastic way to get children excited about how it’s made, and the different genres available. You can even book several different field trips to visit many different concerts boasting different genres each semester of school.

Discover great Music Field Trips located near you.

4 – Study Different Countries and Music

Make music appreciation an adventure by grabbing a globe, spinning it and holding your finger up to it. Wherever on the map your finger lands, will be the country you learn about that week.

Spend time researching things like the popular music types in that area, listening to the music, finding out what their anthem is and even the most popular artists that stem from that country. This will engage children when it comes to learning more.

5 – Compose Your Own Music

Sit down with your children and compose your own music. Focus on basic notes, lyrics and how they all sound together. You can make your song as simple or as complicated as you want. Create based on your knowledge base.

Use simple apps such as Score Creator for Android or Score Creator for iTunes.


Finding unexpected ways to teach music appreciation in your homeschool will keep your children interested and open to learning more.

Just remember to get creative and remain focused, in no time your children will be enjoying learning about music, and how to better appreciate it.

How are you teaching your children to appreciation music?



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5 Unexpected Ways to Teach Music Appreciation in your Homeschool

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