Teaching Keyboarding Skills

With Keyboard Classroom

Working with Keyboard Classroom as an means that I can share with you an honest review of the product while teaching keyboarding skills to my son, and I can earn a small commission if you choose to purchase the product for your own homeschool.

Teaching Typing with Keyboard Classroom

Beginning Typing

When my Little Man was my little boy we were constantly surprised at how talented he was in so many areas. When he was 2 1/2 he became fascinated with the keyboard on the computer. He would go to it and pick out the ABC’s and we would just sit and watch in fascination.

Before long I had this aha moment and turned the computer on, opened Microsoft Word and let him begin typing the ABC’s. Then one day I saw him grab a board book go to the computer and proceed to type the Winnie the Pooh book “5 Little Honey Pot’s” one letter at a time. To say I was stunned would be an understatement. It wasn’t long before he started changing fonts, colors and copying anything he could get his hands on. It was copy work at it’s finest.

We knew pretty early on that he exhibited signs of advanced learning abilities and began seeking to offer him a wide variety of educational opportunities even at very young ages. That did not mean, however, that his tiny little hands were ready to learn how to use a keyboard properly.

Advancing Typing

Now that he is older I’ve decided it is time for him to learn the proper way to type. Keyboard Classroom is a unique program in that it comes with a set of finger guides. These guides are placed on a standard size computer keyboard using Velcro adhesive tabs.

Having the guides allows the students to learn proper placement of their fingers. Once they place the guide between their middle and ring fingers it is simple for them to familiarize the feel for moving each finger along the keyboard in the proper way. Through repetition the child builds proficiency through muscle memory.

Finger Trainer on Keyboard Classroom

The software is designed to encourage students to become more proficient by giving them promotions along the way. They start out as a cadet and work their way up to general. Along the way they are rewarded with tokens which when earned allow them to play games.

Once Little Man began to see how the finger guides are there to aid rather than to hinder, he began to move quickly. I did have to remind him several times that accuracy is better than speed, but after a bit he got the hang of it and progressed pretty quickly.

Learning Typing 

I recorded a short video so you can see how it works.

The student can practice working through a series of exercises; the keyboard finger training, typing words, practice on the home keys, sentence training and practice using the capital letters. When the student feels comfortable with each exercise they can begin to try the “Time Me” mode which is how they move up in rank.

I’m finding that Keyboard Classroom is helping my son easily learn to maneuver his fingers along a complex series of keys. He quickly is building confidence and a desire to  improve his own skills.

Be sure to hop on over to their website to learn more. In no time your own kids can be

Update: Keyboard Classroom Has New Pricing for Homeschoolers.

Special Homeschool Pricing for Families

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