Teaching Science with a Rabbit Trail

Exploring Science  With My Gifted Learner

Like math, my son loves science. He loves reading science books even when we aren’t in school. Within this post I am sharing links to affiliate products which I find to be beneficial to teaching science to my son. In fact, he asked me over the summer to buy Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Astronomy even though we were planning to do Swimming Creatures in our school. He didn’t want to switch to astronomy for the coming year, he wanted it just to read. He spent much of the summer simply reading the text book.

Teaching Science with a Rabbit Trail

That is exactly how science goes in our home. He loves it so much that it isn’t a struggle at all, in fact, it leads him down rabbit trails. He memorizes these facts in the text and then wants to know more and more and more.

Often we start a chapter that I intend to spend about 2 weeks on and it ends up taking 2 months. That doesn’t make for a very good looking schedule but it is filling my sons mind with information. It encourages him and inspires him and I believe one day will lead to him having knowledge and ability to make logical and reasonable defense of a Biblical worldview. We aren’t just laying a foundation we are growing his house.

Apologia Sciences in and of themselves are filled with wonderful information and teach the Biblical sciences extremely well. In our school they act as a springboard for diving in and learning more. The Book Extras and other suggested readings, videos and extra experiments are great for helping me to find those additional places for Little Man to explore.

Additionally, this site, Apologetics Press, offers a marvelous wealth of scientific evidences and research which help us to focus in on some of the questions that he asks me.

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What is your best plan for teaching science in your homeschool? 

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