Ten Random Thoughts

I’m having random thoughts today.  

1. I was terribly sick yesterday. I slept for over 20 hours, then got up at 9:25 last evening. I stayed up for 7 hours then went back to sleep and slept for 6 1/2 hours. I guess the near month long insomnia fest of February finally caught up with me. So hopefully I have reached balance and my sleep patterns have returned to normal.

This beautiful tree was the scene
outside the kitchen window
where I do the dishes.
This tree is now gone. 🙁

2. I’m finding the loss of all the trees in the neighborhood disturbing to my heart. Today they are working on our eastern neighbors yard, but using our driveway as their prep area. It’s disturbing to look out and see men walking around our yard. I miss my secluded sanctuary. Sigh. It is so messy. It has forever changed the light patterns in this house. The yard and surrounding yards look barren and sad. What once was a beautiful sight outside the kitchen window is now forlorn. 

3. I’m excited about the upcoming class that my friend Jen and I will be teaching at our Making Memories Homeschool Support Group. We are prepping a Lego Education class. We will be incorporating many areas of learning, physics, math, geography, art, speech, team work & cooperative play. I am so very excited by the development of this class. 

4. A very loving person left a gift for our family on our front stoop which Beloved found today. They left a note which read simply, “Drove by and felt led to give this to you.” Inside the note was a monetary gift. With Beloved being out of work, this gift is very appreciated and we offer prayers of thanksgiving to God our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord for this loving kindness that was given.

5. My mom has come down with a case of Shingles. She says it is very painful. I long to be there near her, to take care of her.

6. Little Man made a deal with me last week, that if I helped him clean his play room, he would wash dishes for me 2 times this week. This both excites and scares me. I wonder how many broken glasses there will be at the end of the day.

7. We finished our preparing our taxes. I thank God my Father for His protection in this area. We thought with all of Beloved’s freelance work we would end up owing a great deal of money to the Federal govt. But with the help of our dear friend Cinda at Cowdery Tax and Business Solutions, we ended up getting a small refund and only owing a small amount to the state and local school district.

8. Little Man is doing very well with his piano study of Variations on Canon in D by Pachebel. He has been working on it for quite a while and is finally coming to the gentle melodic stage for which the piece is written. This is a favorite of mine and I love hearing my little boy playing it.

9. As I’m writing this today, my son is reading his lesson in science today. He is excited to be reading about baby birds hatching from eggs. It makes my heart so happy to hear the excitement in his voice. I have 2 observations about this… a. If he were in public school he wouldn’t be allowed to read out loud, but rather to himself. b. I would miss getting to hear the excitement of learning in his voice. I am blessed!

10. The library books are due back today, I need to remember to send them with Beloved and Little Man when they head out for piano practice this evening.

What random thoughts do you have today?


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