The Best Online Resources to Learn about LEGO Therapy

There is a lot of talk out there when it comes to the benefits of LEGO® therapy. In fact, many people are using this wonderful brick-based therapy for many different purposes. The truth is though, some people are confused by what exactly LEGO Therapy entails, the impact it has and how to implement it. 

The Best Online LEGO Therapy Resources | Renee at Great Peace #LEGO #LEGOTherapy #LEGOLearning #homeschool #specialneeds #sped #ihsnet

What is LEGO Therapy?

LEGO Therapy is used as a social development program. This program aids children and other young individuals who have atypical neural development. It is used for people who have difficulties such as, sensory processing disorder, language disorders, autism spectrum disorder and other related social communication difficulties such as Asperger’s Syndrome.

The Best Online LEGO Therapy Resources | Renee at Great Peace #LEGO #LEGOTherapy #LEGOLearning #homeschool #specialneeds #sped #ihsnet

Based on systematic, highly structured, yet predictable elements, LEGO therapy is appealing to children that have social communication difficulties. This is especially true if they are attracted to play-based learning. This may also mean that it can benefit those that are gifted learners, or others that struggle with social interaction.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide medical or therapeutic advice, your doctor and therapist should be your source for prescribed therapy programs. You should always follow all the precautions your doctor or therapists provides. I am not trained in occupational, speech, or other types of professional therapies. Information and resources shared in this post are shared based upon personal research completed by myself and my team. For more precise information, and therapy assistance consult a professionally trained therapist in LEGO Therapy techniques.

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LEGO Therapy boasts many benefits to children who have difficulties forming social relationships. 

Through LEGO therapy, kids of all ages and stages can learn to express their feelings, communicate with others, change their behavior, develop problem-solving skills and learn to develop a relationship with the world around them.

Books for LEGO Therapy

8 Online Resources About LEGO Therapy

There are several amazing online resources that can be found to help teach you more about LEGO Therapy. If you are seeking an in-depth look at how LEGO therapy works, who it benefits, how to implement it and more, these resources can provide you with the insight you need. Not only will they give you the information you seek, but some of them will help to direct you on how to put these LEGO therapy techniques into play. 

The Best Online LEGO Therapy Resources | Renee at Great Peace #LEGO #LEGOTherapy #LEGOLearning #homeschool #specialneeds #sped #ihsnet
  1. LEGO Therapy Training Courses – Bricks for Autism 
  2. LEGO Therapy by Hannah Coles at We Love Bricks
  3. How LEGO Therapy Can Help Children With Special Needs – The Friendship Circle
  4. Lego Therapy Resource Pack from
  5. LEGO Therapy – The Wacky Warehouse
  6. LEGO Therapy from Send Success.
  7. Developing Social Skills And Language Through Lego Therapy at Wakefield Traded Services
  8. LEGO Therapy for Children with Autism – Verywell Health

These online resources are a great way to learn more about LEGO Therapy. If you are interested in learning more about how LEGO therapy can benefit your child, these resources should provide you with the answers you are seeking. But remember, all therapeutic therapies should be under the care and supervision of trained therapists.

This site, The Star Institute, has great information about finding the right occupational therapist for your child.

Do you have a child who is doing LEGO Therapy for social integration? I’d love to know how it’s working for them. Share your story in the comment area below.

Discover other ways to use LEGO blocks for learning.

The Best Online Resources to Learn about LEGO Therapy

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