This Week… A Light Week

A Much Needed Winter Break

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This week at Great Peace Academy we did very little in the schooling realm. My Beloved has been travelling, a lot, for the freelance work he has been doing. After a while, I start to feel a bit blue and in all honesty that is exactly where I’ve been this week as well as most of last week. I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks when we are together as a family more. 

Since the school year began we really haven’t taken a lot of time off. I finally realized I have hit a wall and simply needed a break. 

This was an off week for gym so we did not have gym on Monday. 

Tuesday I did require Little Man to do school, it was a regular school day. He also had piano practice on Tuesday evening. He’s working through Arabesque. which is such a beautiful piece of music. Yet, his mind is moving faster than his fingers and slowing down is difficult for him. So he worked on slowing down the tempo so he can work on muscle memory to build speed later. 

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He finished up lesson 310 of Bible Study Guide for All Ages which about David sparing Saul’s life a second time. 


I realized he had not finished reading “The Long Winter” from the Little House series, so he spent most of Tuesday afternoon reading the rest of that. 


He worked through algebra one step and two step equations, as well as some of the 4th grade mastery challenges. 

Chess Club:

On Thursday he had chess club. I am super impressed with how much he has learned in such a short amount of time. He only has club 1 time a month and started in July. We are thinking of adding a second club to his line up. It meets weekly, although I don’t know if we will make each week but just having the option will be good for him. 

What was your homeschool week like? Link your blog post below.


I’ve been busy this week in my blogging circles.

Featured by +Tricia Hodges  at 

Interviewed by +Michelle Cannon for her

iHomeschool Network Hangout Panelist

I was excited to join my friends from the +iHomeschool Network  on Thursday for a Google+ hangout. This week we discussed conventions. It was such fun! If you didn’t get a chance to watch, I’ve included the video here. I am planning to go to Great Homeschool Convention in Cincy, if you’re going I hope we will bump into each other! Be sure to stop me and say “Hi, Renee” I’d to chat a bit. 

Homeschool Convention Locations, Dates and Speakers

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