This Week… A Week Off

Gym, A Recital, and Play

Yes, I mean a week off. After making the decision to school through most of summer. I started considering plans for the “new” school year and when I wanted to begin. I have a lot coming up later in summer and know that if I want to get started with a brand new school year it’s going to be later than usual. 

Then, I started noticing that Little Man and I have been kind of grumpy with each other. That got me to thinking maybe, just maybe, I’ve been a bit stressed of late. So I made the decision to take a week off of school and let him just be a kid, and me just have some time to focus on other commitments.

He’s been playing with Paper airplanes, drawing hundreds of pictures, playing video games, swinging on the swing (when it’s not raining, which hasn’t been much) and just generally being a kid. He’s more relaxed and I have found myself to be much more tired than I had imagined.

On Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day, Beloved made me breakfast. After worship, we went to lunch with dear friends. We came home and called our mothers (grandmas) and spent the afternoon relaxing. In the evening my sweet young man brought me a snack in bed. 

Monday he did go to gym, we have just one more gym class left, next Monday. Then he’ll be done until the fall. 

Tuesday, was his recital. He’s worked really hard and did a great job. He played “Arabesque” on piano followed by singing “My Favorite Things

How was your week? Are you taking some time off before continuing through summer? Are you winding down the school year to take the summer off? Share your week in review posts below. 

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