This Week… And 30 Days to Give Thanks, Day 3

30 Days to Give Thanks: Day 3 Link Up

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Giving Thanks

Today I am grateful for the ones whose hands brought my child into my life. I am grateful for his child’s birth father, birth mother and birth grandparents. When I think of all the choices that were available to them, my heart goes cold. When I think of the choices they made I thrill. I still remain completely and utterly humbled when I consider all the many people in my church family who were praying specifically for this child to be placed in my life. God is wonderfully amazing. He honored me when my soul was bereft. He blessed me with beauty far beyond all I deserved. He is my great joy giver. I thank Him for the hands He used to bring this child into my arms. 

I Samuel 2
“And Hannah prayed and said:
“My heart rejoices in the Lord;
My horn[a] is exalted in the Lord.
I smile at my enemies,
Because I rejoice in Your salvation.”
Holy Father, there are simply no words that truly can convey the gratitude I feel for those whose hands were instruments to bring this child to me. May your Holy Spirit whisper to you what my heart feels. You O Father, know the love of a parent to a child. You O Lord are the true joy giver who brings the blessings of children into the hearts and lives of those who long to be mothers. You heard my prayer of sorrow and answered it in the most beautiful way. O Blessed Father I thank you. In the Holy Name of your own Blessed Son Jesus, I pray. 

This Week…

Bible Study: 

This week’s study we began to explore the Passover of the Israelites in Egypt during the 10th plague. He also had an assignment to mark his Bible. This is the first time that Beloved and I have shown him how to do this. He underlined passages of scripture having to do with the observance of the Passover, and in the New Testament the Lord instituting the New Supper in the covenant of His blood. 


Continuing to explore the basics of grammar, he studied adjectives. This week he learned about irregular adjectives. Love me some grammar. Irregular Adjectives = comparative and superlative. 

Literature: The Golden Goblet

Ranofer has discovered that his half brother Gebu is stealing from the goldsmith that Ranofer works for. He confronted him, but Gebu was not happy about it. Gebu is not a nice man. Jonathan is fascinated with this story, he doesn’t understand why Gebu is evil. He keeps asking me if Gebu will always be evil. I’m not sure if we should just keep pouringinto the reading of this great peace of literature or if I should add some worksheets for him to do some character comparisons. I’m afraid if I make him delve into worksheets, he’ll grow bored with the story and not want to engage anymore. Sometimes reading should be just for the sake of reading. However education also requires exploration of what is being read. I so struggle with a. how to find the balance between teaching a love for reading and b. how to teach the structure of good literature. Sigh.


Khan Academy is great and difficult at the same time. Little Man’s Perfectionism (which is a trait of those those who are identified as gifted and talented) is showing up. For math students are given set’s of problems to work through and solve. Included is a scratch pad to calculate the problems on. Keep in mind, Little Man is in the 4th grade doing algebra. He loves the program because it gives merit badges as the child progresses. He does not love to “scratch” the problem. It’s not a requirement, but I know it helps but he refuses to do it choosing rather to calculate in his head, he says it’s just faster. Then he get’s 9 out of 10 right and get’s angry with himself declaring that his “brain doesn’t work.” The program just offers him another set of 10 until he get’s all correct, then he can move on to learn more. Now, he could also choose to be o.k. with the 9 and just move on to learn something new, but every time he chooses to repeat the challenge. What can I do? Pick your battles. right?  

Languages: Latin, Deutsch (That’s German), Spanish

Latin Level 1 Lesson 5. Gg Hh, I must admit that this level is most quite a bit easy for little man, but having never taken Latin myself I didn’t know where to start. But in learning any language it’s always good to start with the basics. He’ll just get through it quickly and move on to the next level.    

Deutsch and Spanish, I try to coincide his lessons for both. He learned the words regarding transportion. das auto und el carro


I love Apologia Science. We both are loving Flying Creatures of the 5th Day. Jeannie Fulbright leads us on an exploration that causes both of us to seek those unexpected moments of discovery. On Thursday we stopped by a rebuilt Mill near our home. They recently added the water wheel and we drove by on our way home to show Jonathan the wheel. But, we discovered a large flock of a large flock of cedar waxwings. They were absolutely beautiful. I have never seen them before, nor did I know what they were. The markings are so unique. At first I thought they were female cardinals, but after Jonathan and I talked about the specific field markings we could see they were not. I’m loving these moments of discovery. 

Arts: Music of the Orchestra, Egyptian Arts

Music of the Orchestra. This is so much fun for Jonathan. It is reminding me of why we put him into piano practice. He is super excited to be learning about the composers as he listens to the music they wrote. One of the support group moms suggested that I get him a high school music theory book to study. I really think he could develop the ability to compose. I however am not sure how to teach that. 

Art: This week he studied the sculpture of Nefertiti. He was so fascinated to see that the left eye was not complete, then he had to sketch his own version of the statue. 


For this weeks devotion I am sharing a sermon that I feel is important for Christians to hear. In general I am not one to delve into political talk. I know simply what my vote will be and why. However I offer this sermon for you to consider why we vote and if you wear the name of Christ what you should consider before casting your ballot. 
One of the Seminars that was available at the conference I attended this past summer.

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