This Week… Another Crazy Adventure

Traveling Here, There and Yonder

I’m late with this week’s post. It’s another crazy, unexpected travel weekend. On Wednesday my Beloved got 2 unexpected phone calls. The first was for a freelance job in Cincinnati, on Friday afternoon. Being that Cincy is  just a couple of hours drive and he said, yes. He thought it was a simple pre-game sports show and he’d be finished in just a few hours. 

Travel and Homeschool

Later in the day he received a call from a guy representing the MSN (Moutaineer Sport’s Network) to see if he could do audio for the WVU spring game, on Saturday. WVU, for those who aren’t aware, is in Morgantown WV, which is about 5 hours from Cincinnati. Thinking that he would be done by early evening and could make the drive and be in Morgantown by midnight, he said yes. 

It was later when he recieved specific details about the Friday show that he realized it was a full pre-game and post-game show. That meant he wouldn’t be finished on Friday night until well after 10:30. This is a busy season for freelance television production folks. Baseball is in full swing, so is soccer, hockey is winding down and the NCAA basketball tournament is finishing up. So that means, help is harder to find. Knowing this, my Beloved, who is a hard worker, would never turn down a job that he had said yes to. 

But, the idea of my husband working all evening, then driving all night, and then working all day with no sleep, did not sit well with me. We talked about it and decided that Little Man and I would tag along, that way, I could drive while he slept. 

Of course, best laid plans and all that, our trip turned out exactly like that. Yeah, right! We drove to Cincy on Thursday evening so Beloved could sleep in late and relax before heading to his evening of work. Little Man and I went to bed early, but, Little Man being easily stimulated, he could not go to sleep. Which meant mom could not go to sleep. I dozed a bit, but mostly he kept waking me up. When beloved arrived we set off from Cincy around 11:30 p.m. I drove, Little Man couldn’t sleep, Beloved couldn’t sleep. The drive was fairly easy for the first 2 1/2 hours. We stopped at a rest stop, then tried to settle Little Man down, while Beloved tried to doze. 

That’s about the time we reached Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania headed into Northern West Virginia, an area known for — FOG. The fog was thick. So thick that you couldn’t see more than 10 feet in some places. So Beloved was woken, (if he ever actually slept), and together we watched for danger. Little Man, didn’t sleep. It was a stressful drive. But, all in all, we made it safely to our hotel at around 4:30. Just enough time for Beloved to get a shower, dressed and head out to his work for the day at Moutaineer Field. Little Man and I crashed for a few hours. 

Ok so that is how our weekend has been, but what about school? I mean this is my homeschool week in review post, right? Yes, we have managed to get some school work completed despite all the running, here, there and yonder. 

Homeschool This Week…

Studying American Freedom


In Growing Up in God’s Word, Life of Christ Part 2, Little Man studied about the parables of the lost. The lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son. He learned Christ’s mission, “to seek and save the lost.” and that in heaven there is rejoicing over one who comes to repentance. He studied what repentance is and what is required to have a repentant heart. 

Language Arts:

Last week when I went to the #BlogOH meet up, I had a chance to run by an education store and I picked up some EvanMoor books. One was a daily proofreading practice and the other building sentences practice. He loves proofreading and is very good at it. I believe practicing proofreading is essential to learning to be a good writer. It’s the best way, in my opinion to build grammar skills. He worked through several pages of both of those books this week.


Continuing in our scattered math with Khan Academy. I know that we are building foundational skill levels. But seriously, if a child can master algebra doesn’t it stand to reason that they have mastered single digit addition? But because those boxes exist, my son must complete the skills associated. So it’s been mastery challenges all week for lower elementary grades. 


While in Cincy, we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. In the shop, we found these great replicas of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. So we had an impromptu American History lesson. We read through both, and discussed the meaning, reason and ramifications of these documents. I explained how it’s important that we as US citizens are aware of the meaning of each, but also that we can read them for ourselves, and discern what the original intent is because so many politicians try to change the meaning of what is clearly written. 

Homeschool Gym


Monday we had gym. My son just loves Coach Q and the kids in his gym class.I’m glad he has the opportunity to be a part of a great geared exclusively for homeschool gym program. 

That’s the highlights of our week. I write this as I lay in a bed in a luxury hotel, (one of the perks of freelance work is that they usually pay for travel expenses), in one of my favorite towns to visit. Just around the block is my favorite restaurant for breakfast, Tudor’s Biscuit World, a WV staple. Little Man and I had a delicious breakfast after sleeping late. I am overlooking a view of WVU’s Old Campus and will spend the rest of the day relaxing. My poor husband on the other hand will be plum exhausted and we have dinner plans with my brother and his wife this evening. I wish I could say we can sleep in tomorrow, but he has a job booked back in central Ohio for Sunday afternoon. (The downside of freelance work is you take it when you can get it.) 

How was your week. Link up below and share your homeschool weeks in review. 

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