This Week… End of the Year Awards Night

This week… I was prepping for our Homeschool Support Group’s Open House & Award’s Night. So Little Man was set on a course of Independent work. I cannot say that I am entirely pleased with the results. 

He read several chapters in his latest read, “The Little House on the Prairie” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. 

He worked with Khan Academy. This week he attained mastery in Statistical Interpretation of Data. It requires 10 skills to achieve mastery of this subject and he did this in about 2 days worth of lessons. I think that is pretty awesome.

Science: Little Man read Lesson 8 and began working in his notebooking journal of Apologia’s Zoology 1. However, since writing isn’t his favorite thing to do, and I wasn’t right there with him making sure he was doing it, progress was slow. He did complete the vocab crosswork, copy work and some of fascinating facts, but otherwise he was not as diligent as I would have liked. 

Making Memories:

We held our group’s Open House and award night on Thursday. You can download your own free printable certificates in my previous post. We invite friends, family and potential new members to join us for a potluck and ceremony as our students sing in our vocal choir, receive academic and character awards for the year, and show off some of their homeschool work. It was a really good night, after the ceremony and dinner, the kids played in the hallways while the parents, and families mingled. 

Little Man receiving his awards.

The moms and kids presented me with these
beautiful thank you cards and gift.

P.s. I know I promised last week to post our LEGO Learning material, but that post is taking longer to prep than I anticipated. I will be publishing it as soon as I dot all the i’s and cross all my t’s. 

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