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Making Changes in the Homeschool Classroom and Beyond
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This Week...
We have gotten back into the swing of our summer school session. Last week, Little Man came down with a bad bug. Yuck. So no school last week, followed by the Independence Holiday Weekend.


Finishing up lesson 10 of Flying Creatures. We have added hummingbird feeders to our back deck and have been watching with fascination the tiny flittering birds as they buzz around our heads drinking the nectar. His lesson continued his study of the flying insects. He discovered the life cycle of metamorphosis and incomplete metamorphosis. He learned about 6 forms of insect defense and was most fascinated with chemical defense.
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2013-07-10 17.14.24


He finished reading “The Little House on the Prairie.” YEAH! That was a long time coming. He has a love/impatience relationship with reading. He loves the stories once I FORCE him to sit down and read, but dislikes giving up time to doing it. But the 1st Prairie book is complete and I’m giving him a little time with reading some simpler non-chapter books before giving him “House in the Big Woods.”

Math: Khan Academy

…  Reviews this week. Nothing pressing to get to.


The weather in Ohio for the past several weeks has been RAINY. We had rain for 21 straight days I believe. On Wednesday we had one of the worst wind storms I’ve ever seen. Some areas of Ohio clocked the wind at 90 mph. As a result of this wind storm, we lost power for several hours and our trusty blazer took a bit of a hit.
But with all the rain comes beauty. We live just a few miles from a waterfall where a covered bridge sits and an old grist mill. So we stopped on the way home from Bible study Wednesday night and took some photo’s.

Social Time:

Little Man joined a LEGO club this week. These are some of the same kids from the chess club that he joined a few weeks ago. This is basically a free play Lego club. The kids can build anything they want whether together or alone for an hour and a half. Again he had a great time and afterwards some of the families went to a local park for lunch and play. We went along.

2013-07-12 10.05.482013-07-12 10.35.28

At home:

we have decided to rearrange the house. Nearly every room in the house is getting switched. We are still planning this project as we go, but Beloved has some big ideas. I’m not sure if his ideas allow for good flow in the house or if furniture will fit where he wants to put it, so It’s a work in progress.

We started in the classroom. I’m VERY excited about this. We painted the walls a deep yellow and pulled up OLD (like 30 year) carpet and put down fresh carpet. The carpet we are putting down is gently used and was given to us for free, but it is much more modern and clean the room has taken on a nice feel to it. Check back over the next few weeks to see all the changes that are coming.
2013-07-11 13.12.532013-07-11 23.31.18
Beloved was also given a new (to us) lawn tractor, which makes him very happy. But as with all things used, it needs a little TLC. Still, we have large yard, that for 6 years we have mowed with a push mower. Now with a lawn tractor the lawn care time should be well reduced.


My Latest read:
I’m excited about it is “A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels” by Tricia Hodge. I’ve been “chalking” for about 3 years now, and I will be teaching a group of Bible class teachers in August how to incorporate this into their resources. More to come about this book. 
A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels
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What has your week been like?

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This post contains affiliate links which may result in this blogger receiving paid compensation for purchases made. For further details see my disclosure policy.Thank you for supporting this blog and our academy.

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