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So in our home we continue the moving and redecorating and changing of spaces. Last week I told you about some updates to the classroom, but that was just the beginning of changes being made.

For school this week…


Geometry the program we use, Khan Academy, was suggesting some math skills for him regarding area and perimeter. He watched some videos’ and we tried a few problems. He was as confused as me! Which is saying a LOT!. So I went and took a look at his skill progress and saw that he was missing the first level of area and perimeter and somehow the program kept trying to bump him to the second set of skills. So after a quick lesson in basic area and perimeter of rectangles and squares he quickly progressed to triangles. Next comes, Perangum’s theory. Um, did I mention I DID NOT take Geometry?


He progressed into Lesson 11 of Flying Creatures of the 5th Day. We’re learning about flying ants, bees and wasps. Did you know that some ants fly? That was news to both Little Man and myself. Fortunately for me there are plenty of bees to watch at the hummingbird feeder. Along with a host of hummingbirds.



I’ve been letting him read some simple boy books. The Billy and Blaze Series by CW Anderson. These are very much lower than his reading level. But he is liking that they are quick reads and they are boy based. I think for summer they are a good fit even though a bit immature for his age.

For Home this Week…

Little Man is learning some important Life Skills.
So for our big whole house redo, so far I’ve updated carpet in 2 rooms, primed and painted 4 rooms, moved all the furniture out of what was Little Man’s play room and moved all of our master bedroom furniture in. We moved his playroom to what was our previous bedroom. Laundered linens and curtains and vacuumed as we’ve gone along. We still need to move all of our clothing into what is our new bedroom and a couple of new to him pieces of furniture for his playroom. It’s a work in progress.
2013-07-18 19.03.27
This was what our living room looked like half way through the moving of rooms project. It will take a while before this room is livable again since it’s our landing place for all things related to moving the household around.

Life Skills learned.

  • Organizing artwork that he wants to keep into 3-ring binders.
  • Carrying heavy things because he is a strong boy who can do it by himself.
  • Using a screwdriver to remove switch plate covers.
  • Painting is hard work and he’s not interested for more than a few rolls.
  • Making Mac and Cheese on the stove the semi-old fashioned way, for lunch because mom was too busy to stop.
  • Washing dishes.

For fun,

Little Man and Beloved began playing a (old) PC game. Roller Coaster Tycoon. It has been a Big Hit with a lot of squeals, both on the game and off. 

This has been one of those busy but exciting weeks. We have a long way to go before we are finished with this big re-do of the house. How about you? What has your week been like?

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