This Week… New Online Math Started

Feeling Bad while Prepping for Seminar

I haven’t felt very good this week. There is a nasty bug going around our area. I think it hit me sometime on Monday into Tuesday. I woke up with a sore throat. I held it off through Thursday when I had to give a seminar, but yesterday it hit hard and I have a headache and a half!
This week…
Math online


Little Man finished up his lessons on the Judges. What a roller coaster of events. Next week he moves to the book of Ruth. I love the book of Ruth and can’t wait to see it through my sons eyes.


We are trying a new online math program. Uzinggo. I hope to be able to focus more of his attention on Geometry. Since we are just getting started I hope to share with you soon more details about it.


He is continuing through “The Long Winter” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I love that this story has Almonzo in it.


This week he continued his study of Pinnipeds, specifically walruses and manatees. He loved reading about the walrus’ tusks and how they use them to haul themselves out of the water.

Language Arts:

He began this week to diagram simple sentences. Did you know that I love diagramming sentences? Yep. I Do.


Can I just say I don’t understand declesions. Little Man however is enjoying Latin and even asked to do it on a day when I did not assign it. So I am going to have to take some time and research what I need to do to teach it better.

I spoke at a homeschool support group meeting on Thursday where I talked about Learning with Lego. You can see a list of great resources on yesterdays post.

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4 Replies to “This Week… New Online Math Started

  1. Hey Girl, As far as Latin goes Classical Academic Press has some products that look fantastic. ( I was poking around their site today. But because I so love to keep it simple I’ll probably use Hey Andrew Teach Me some Latin! (Afterall we’ve got to manage 3 different math programs over here ;D ) We’ve loved their Greek so far! I don’t get declensions either that is why I dropped Latin when I was in college! Blessings, Friend

    1. Hey there. We did the Latin from “Hey Andrew” last year, which my Little Man thought was kind of too simple. So this year we are giving Latin Primer a try. Generally speaking the lessons are not hard to follow, I just don’t have any prior experience with Latin so it’s all Latin to me 😉 Haha.
      Thanks for stopping in and Linking UP “This Week”

  2. My friend told us to skip the first one because it’s a whole year on the alphabet. But we won’t start it until our third trimester. Mine think it’s pretty simple too but what I like about it is that it is so simple and they can teach themselves with little assistance from me. Since we have 5 kiddos over here that’s a huge plus. Please review the Latin Primer once you finish, we have a variety of learners over here and a couple I do well to stay a head of! Blessings!

    1. Well having 5 to work with each other is for sure a huge plus. As a mom to an only, I try to be available to answer questions. I’ll just have to do some more studying myself.

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