This Week… Olympic Spirit

 Embracing the Snow and Ice

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At Great Peace Academy this week I’ve abandoned the traditional text book learning and embraced the winter. With 8 new inches of snow followed by a thick layer of ice followed by some more snow AND the winter Olympic kick off, I decided a winter .

Embracing Snow & Ice

I gathered resources and printed, printed, printed. I’m thrilled to say that my Little Man is just as excited as I am for the break in the routine. He is relishing the study as much as I am.


We don’t abandon Bible around here. It is the one study we will continue, however I’ve added scripture copy work from my printables that pertain to snow and ice. You too can download the free printables. In Bible Study Guide for All Ages, he continued his study of King Saul and his unending quest to kill David. He read the story of Jonathan and his loyalty to David despite his fathers anger and rage for revenge, then he read how when David was running from Saul, he went to the priests and asked for food and a sword. The priest gave him the consecrated shew bread and the sword of Goliath. He read how later Saul killed nearly all of the priests of the Lord because of his anger and rage.


For History are are doing an Ancient Greece & Olympic Unit Study. This week was a bit of a review for him, since we studied the some of Ancient Greece last year. He did a compare and contrast of Athens and Sparta, he did a mini-book of the Greek gods and goddesses, and he took a look at daily life in Greece.


We are studying Russia. Where it’s located, where the Capitol, Moscow is located, and the location of Sochi. I plan to have him map other major cities as well. Also he looked up the distance from Ohio to Sochi. It’s just a little over 5,000 miles.


For reading I gathered books about the winter Olympic sports so that he as we watch will have an understanding of what is taking place. He read Olympics from Eyewitness Books, The Young Ice Skater from DK, and Speed Skating from True Books.

This Week Winter Olympics


I love the math resources I found, which you can access from my Olympic Round up Page. This week he graphed an Olympic Medal, he calculated the perimeter of a ski trail and he figured the averaged for bobsleigh scores to determine the winner.

Vocabulary & Handwriting:

He looked up some Olympic terms from the printable Unit Study that I made up. Words like; Olympics, Torch, Bobsled, curling and more. He also practiced his cursive skills doing some copywork with Olympic terms.


He chalked an amazing Winter Olympic Torch using the video and curriculum from Hodgepodge Mom, A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels Winter Olympics.

Studying the Olympics

For Fun:

We made Olympic Ring Pizza and we had Olympic Spirit Candy Popcorn. I challenged him to make the rings out of LEGO Bricks.

Olympic Spirit Candy Popcorn:

  • Pour Popcorn Kernels in a paper bag, fold top over, and pop in microwave for 3 minutes. (You don’t need oil.
  • Melt white chocolate in microwave for one minute. Mix together with popcorn.
  • Sprinkle with Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue Decorative Sugars. Voila’ Olympic Spirit Popcorn.

We watched some of the first qualifying games on Thursday. Unfortunately I had already arranged for plans for a date night with Beloved on Friday (Watch next week for Planning a Romantic Date Night at Home). so we missed the opening ceremony at home.

I do love the Winter Olympics, I think more so than the summer because I can watch just about any of the sports and be fascinated. Whereas in the Summer Olympics I’m not to thrilled by all of them.

What about you? How was your homeschool week? Did you do anything unusual or exciting? It’s not too late to jump on the Olympic Unit Study bandwagon. I’ve gathered all kinds of educational resources on my Olympic Spirit post, take a look and next week we can all share Olympic Spirit posts for our This Week line up.


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    1. 🙂 We plan to do this throughout the Olympics. It wasn’t a part of my original plan, but since we are nearing a revisit to ancient Greece anyway, I just bumped us ahead anyway. Thanks Chrystal.

  1. Look at all that snow! And you still get school done – I’m impressed! You would disappointed with my house…I haven’t turned the Olympics on once! We are going to have to watch this week.

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