This Week… Out of Egypt and Achieving Success

This week…. In our homeschool this week I am purposing to add in differentiated instruction as a part of our schedule. This is in lieu of letting it happen naturally I am giving Little Man specific things to work on. I have found great ideas at as I my previous post “Finding Ways to Stretch the Mind” discussed. This week little man worked on roller coaster structure which he had a blast doing, he worked at designing race cars and designing a parachute, all using online programming that I had not previously known about. While I know that these type of programs are engaging his need for learning more about engineering he sees it as play. So we are both happy. 


Moses died and Joshua took over as the leader of the Israelites. He has sent spies into Jericho. Rahab has helped them to escape. Little Man also mapped the route the Israelites took from Egypt to Jericho and the wandering in the desert. 


Ranofer discovers hidden passages on the blueprints.

The Golden Goblet is getting really good. Ranofer has discovered that Gebu is in fact a thief. He’s stealing from the tombs of the Pharaoh’s which is punishable by death. But Ranofer doesn’t really know what to do with that information. Fear of being associated with such a thief is keeping him from running straight to the authorities. Fear of the night, prevents him from following Gebu for proof. What will he do? Stay tuned to find out… We’ve read 4 chapters this week.


Proficiency Achieved in multiplication and division, prime factorization, order of operation, and much more. For more information on Khan Academy see my post from earlier in the week.


Trudging on through 5th grade spelling skills. Words learned are: certain, service, furnish, permit and personal.


I’ve decided to go back and help Little Man with some basics. Using 3rd grade writing skills he is studying personal narratives. This is his short story, a personal narrative about how he got to school.  Ironic? yes. But that was the assignment.
“I woke up early, I did my chores; got dressed, made my bed, fed the dog, brushed my teeth. Then I came downstairs for school.”

Writing the Word:

Little Man and I are taking on the challenge of writing God’s word this year. I’m working in Isaiah and he is working in Genesis. I chose Genesis for him because that is where our Bible Bowl study will be and I thought this would help to reinforce his knowledge.  

At Home:

Learning to work while Beloved is home is somewhat of a challenge. We are still trying to figure it out. I am using my home binder, and it’s helping some… when I remember to write things down. Sometimes I forget. Other times, I forget to look and see what I wrote down. Beloved fixed the broken doors on the bathroom closet so now they slide easily. I felt motivated to clean out and organized it.  Anyway, I am praying through having a heart to be a better keeper, and a better listener to my Beloved.

We had lunch together at the table all but 1 day this week. Dinner 4 days together, 3 of which the dinners were from my menu plan in my binder.

 Tonight, Friday, Is our monthly date night. Japanese Steakhouse, here we come thanks to a good friend giving us a gift card for just such a purpose. I am grateful that during this time of job loss, the Lord is blessing us over and over again with unexpected blessings such as this one.

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