This Week… Perimeter & Bugs

This week… Little Man continued his trek into the world of bugs, I mean Insects. He is studying the Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day from Apologia. Entering chapter 10 he began to read about insects laying eggs, and hatching. He went on a nature hunt and with a little help from mom, found this.

He continued reading on into The Little House on the Prairie. This week learning about the danger of Fevers and Fires.

Turning our summer focus to Geometry, he studied perimeter and area of a rectangle, reaching proficiency in the first day. Ah, how will I ever keep up?

This was a shortened school week for him. Beloved and I are travelling together out of town. Enjoying some much needed couple time. He’s staying over with Ms. Joyce enjoying some much needed “grandma” time. Love you Ms. Joyce!!!


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