This Week-Piano Lessons Return

Settling in to 2014

With snow being so prevalent this year many of our activities have been cancelled or postponed. This week Piano lessons started again, gym lessons started, and our LEGO club started back up. But even with all of the outside activities we still managed to get a full week of school completed. 

piano lessons


In Bible Little Man learned the importance of obedience to God. He learned about King Saul and how Saul made decisions that were of his own choosing even though he claimed they were what God commanded. In the end there were consequences for Saul. I pointed used the lesson to explain that even today we often claim to be obeying God but are doing it our own way instead of God’s way. I went on to explain that the only way to know God’s desire for our lives is to read and study His word.


Math still remains very scattered. I know that this year of scattered math is building mastery. I know it will lay foundations for his future word. But I really struggle with this subject being so scattered. Just keeping it real.


We did a bit of catching up in history. We’ve been so focused on history from a Biblical perspective I had kind of neglected ancient history from Mystery of History. So we read through several lessons to keep up and get us back into the same time frame. Next week we will work to update our timeline.

Homeschool 2014


Learning about ancient reptiles of the deep is proving to be exciting for Little Man. I mean who doesn’t love ancient reptiles? This week he did an experiment with dirt, sea shells and cheerios. The goal is to help him to understand why some animals turned to fossils and others did not. 

Language Arts:

A bit of practice with plural and singular nouns this week. Continued practice with editing a sentence a day. Which is inspiring him to want to write. He is working on a story about a 50 foot tower. I am so very encouraged that he has a shown a small desire to write.

Music Appreciation:

In SQUILT he studied the dynamics of “Spring” from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Finishing up this lesson.

Fun & Games

With LEGO Club he built a battleship. At home he built a 3d globe puzzle. We also have discovered Dr. Who and he and I are bonding over sci fi while dad is traveling for work.

Fun and Games

What was your homeschool week like? Link up below and let me know.


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  1. Hello Renee,
    First I must let you know that you have a lovely blog. I really enjoy reading it!
    I also love the programs you have to offer at Great Peace Academy. I am sure that your students are having fun while learning new information and skills.

    Best Wishes! 🙂

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