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As you can see I have made some changes to the blog. I really like the simpler look of this template. I’ve played with the code for a long time trying to get that banner to stretch across the top or even centered, and this is the best I’ve got. If anyone has suggestions on that, I’m totally open to hearing them.

Regarding school, it was a relaxed week, but I feel that Little Man progressed very well with the plan. I’m so excited about Writing this week. I know what a surprise!

He spent time writing the scriptures he is currently working through chapter 5 of Genesis. I will say this is going very slowly for him, He’s only getting a few verses written each of the days it is assigned. From BSG, he progressed through the division of the land of Canaan to the Israelites. He mapped the land with the divisions and read through Joshua 13 along with various versus from chapters 14-19.

 He has progressed through 20/22 skills in decimals, over at K.A. He wanted to complete them all, but the last 2 were so far above his skill level that I asked him to wait. He gave them a try anyway, but quickly realized that he wasn’t ready for them yet. He backed up and worked on fractions. I did not start out the year thinking we would spend the majority of it reviewing, but I am so glad that I made the switch to K.A. I know that we are firming up his knowledge and helping him to attain mastery so that he can progress with no struggles in the future.

We did no spelling lessons this week. He only has 3 more lessons to be finished for the year, so I opted to skip spelling this week to take the time to focus on writing.

 I am delighted to say he has continued to show an understanding of sentence structure. He is easily able to identify noun, verbs, adjectives, subject and predicates, simple and compound sentences. He was even about to write a few well structured sentences. I am glad that I was able to narrow this down. This week we will be progressing to paragraph building and structure.

 Continued on in reading The Iliad for Boys and Girls. The Trojan war is heating up. Zeus is stepping in and making his presence known. The Greeks are bogged down on the beach with no where to run.

I love the excitement with which he approaches learning about birds. Flying creatures has proven to be a great choice for this year. This week he learned about bird mating rituals, hatching chicks and how momma’s feed babies. It’s cute seeing him pretend to be a male bird and puffing out his chest or flap his ‘wings’ to catch a mate. Oh how little does he know the rituals of the mating human male, but he will soon enough. For now, I’ll just keep that to myself.

He progressed away from Canon in D and to a new piece this week. But his teacher clearly instructed him to play it for me whenever I wanted. 
Making Memories

 We had a field trip with our support group this week. We just finished a unit in class on finance for kids. So, we took a trip to the bank. The kids got to tour the loan department, the lunch room, then the vaults and drive-thru, plus the teller desks. It was a really good tour, Ms. Jennifer at the bank was a great tour guide. I am so proud of the kids. They were so well behaved, the bank employees kept commenting on that. Afterwards, we went to Burger King for lunch and the kids played in the play land for over 2 hours while the mom’s talked. What a great day of ‘Socialization.”

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