This Week… Purposing to do Science & Math

Exploring Student’s Passions

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science and math week
This Week… I ditched language arts, music, history, literature, art and more. I turned our school focus on just science and math. My son excels in these areas and sometimes it’s good to let our children explore their passions.


We continued in our study of Samson and he learned that for every action there are consequences. The consequences of Samson marrying the wrong women, led to his destruction. HIs hair was cut, his eyes were plucked out, he was held prisoner. Eventually in destroying his enemies, he destroyed himself. Such a good lesson for a boy to learn.


Since we are studying Swimming Creatures this year we dived into Survival on the Reef by +Colleen Kessler  & Prufrock Press. (Review coming on Monday). For now here are some photo’s to show how fun this study is.
 Focused Science


Using Calculator Activities by Carrie Cutler and +Prufrock Press Inc. , Little Man explored how math is used in daily life. I am thrilled with the way he jumped in with both feet to work on these word problem lessons. He was so excited to calculate how many pizzas a group might need to buy, how much they would cost and which pizza size would be the best value. He also loved calculating the distance between Houston, Tx. and Rapid City, SD. He figured out what mode of transportation would be the most economical, had to research the price of gas as well as the different types of fuel, all the while calculating distance and m.p.g. He had to determine the best route to take to get the best gas mileage.
As a mom, I am thrilled to see him learning skills that will carry to his adult life while reinforcing the basics of math that he has known for years. Knowing math isn’t as important as knowing how to use math.

Real World Math


We finished up quarters this week.
Finished up the 1st quarter of The Homeschool Gym with fun parachute activities.
Finished up the first quarter of homeschool co-op about Abraham Lincoln with a fun dress up activity.
Continued on in Chess Club where he had much fun laughing with his friends over a friendly game of chess.
This Weeks Socialization
What was your week like? Did you mix it up a little and try something new, or continue on the work you’ve been doing all year? Comment below or link up and let me know. Have a great weekend everyone. We are off to celebrate 2 birthdays today!

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12 Replies to “This Week… Purposing to do Science & Math

  1. I absolutely agree with you about knowing how to use maths. It sounds like your son had the opportunity to work on some great open problems this week. I love it when we give ourselves the flexibility to allow our kids to follow their passions!

    1. Marci,
      It is a good way to broaden their thinking. My son can be so linear sometimes. The one activity about Texas and South Dakota helped him to see that sometimes there isn’t just 1 right answer but many options and each has advantages and disadvantages.
      Good stuff. 🙂

  2. Renee, I am so pleased that you found my Calculator Activities book! I wrote it oh-so-long-ago and am so honored to hear that your son found the activities engaging and fun. You made my day! –Carrie Cutler

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