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I’ve been absent from posting This Week for a couple of weeks. 2 weeks ago I was in Cincinnatti for Great Homeschool Conention. Even though I wanted to write while there, the reality is I was far too busy to sit down and write up a post. Last week, I gave attended and spoke at a How To Homeschool Informational meeting at our congregation.  I had intended to write a post later in the day, but due to circumstances of life, I didn’t make it home until very late. 

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This Week at Great Peace Academy

In the two weeks Little Man continued through schooling. We have been revisiting and updating our history timeline. Sometimes I just drop that and then we do a massive fill in. He attended an art class with one of our homeschool support groups. He had a blast! He is enjoying Evan Moor Language Arts practice books. And he has begun doing drawings that are more personal to himself rather than drawing images from video games.

Since the last week that I wrote about our homeschooling life I’ve made some decisions. I’m going to do some relaxed homeschooling through the rest of May and continue through summer. I’m not going to stress over the decision. The reality is we don’t take a lot of time off during the year and I have more than enough “hours” to cover my “requirements.” Yet, I feel that we just have this need to continue. 


We continued in Growing Up in God’s Word. Little Man studied the story of Jesus healing the 10 lepers and only one returned to say thank you. For a research project, he studied Leprosy. He looked up what leprosy was in the Bible, how many skin diseases were labeled as leprosy. He researched who in the Bible had leprosy, who was healed, how they were healed and through who’s hands or prophecy it happened. 


Bible Research Project

He also studied leprosy from the modern sense, which is now called Hansen’s disease and that while there is still no cure, there is treatment with antibiotic.


In Khan Academy, Little Man worked through some mastery from lower grades. He is having a good time, I know he’s firming up his skill sets and I’m letting him relax through the process.

Reading We are continuing to read through “The Secret Garden.” Miss Mary has moved into Mistlewaite Manor and has mostly gotten her bearings. She has begun to explore, get healthier and is determined to discover a way into the locked garden. The little robin helped her to find the key, now it’s just a matter of discovering where the door is hidden. 

Language Arts

Learning Grammar with editing

For Language Arts we continued using the Evan Moor paragraph editing and sentence writing workbooks. I’m seeing him begin to put together more thoughtful sentences with more details. He isn’t complaining, and I’m not pushing. 

Computer Programming

Learn to code with Khan Academy

Did you know that Khan Academy has computer programming instruction. It’s very kid friendly and easy to understand. I’m surprised (sort of) how quickly my son caught on to what he needs to do. So far he is coding pictures. But still that says a lot!


Voice & Piano Lessons
We are rapidly coming to the end of his piano and voice lessons for the year. He will have his recital next Tuesday. He will be playing “Arabesque” and singing “My Favorite Things.” He has been working really hard on both and I’m super proud of him.

Composition Practice

He also worked some on writing out some music. He listens to the music tracks on video games he plays, then he writes out the composition.


I laugh everytime I type a category for this. But it’s the easiest way to sum up interactions. He had gym on Monday and this week we had LEGO Club on Thursday, followed by an end of the year bowling outing. Little Man took along his friend David, and the two of them joined 2 other boys on the lane. They were all of similar skill sets and they had a blast playing! 

I hope that each of you have a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow. Embrace your children, find joy in your family and understand efforts made. Remember that family is more important than tradition. 

I especially want to say a Happy Mother’s Day to the winner of the basket from a couple of weeks ago. Misty F. I hope you and your family enjoy the items as much as I ejoyed sending them to you. 

How was your homeschool week? You can link up your blog posts below or comment in the facebook widget to share your homeschool journey for the week. 

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