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Thanksgiving week

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This as you know has been Thanksgiving week. I had originally planned to take the entire week off, but after taking that unplanned week off in October, I decided to just stick with it and get it done. 

The new Digital Planner from   that I have been using is proving to be invaluable it is making my life so much easier. I was able to print each of the lessons for the week, and take them along on our trip to WV to spend the holiday with my parents. You can get it for 1/2 Price by using this .

Digital Lesson Planner

Little Man worked in the car on the way to West Virginia as well as one day while we were there. He did have Thanksgiving day off of school.

He also got to spend some good quality time with Pappaw Aleshire. They have a standing tournament shooting 9 Ball every time we visit. This trip, Little Man came out victorious! They’ve been playing each other since Jonathan was 4 years old and my dad is not one to let a child win. This trip, the tournament ended 9-7 with Little Man coming out on top for the first time ever. He was so happy!


We continued on with Bible Study Guide for All Ages in our study of the Book of Ruth. Even though Little Man has known this story for a while, BSGfAA allows him to dig deeper into the word and learn to apply what he is learning to his own life.
  Bible Study Ruth



Since we are in the book of Ruth, we are using the Literature Guide from Illuminations to enhance the study even further from a literary standpoint.


Little Man’s Geometry study using Uzinggo continues. Printing the study questions has proven to be an ideal way for him to firm up what he is learning. He also studied using his Math Dictionary from Prufrock Press. He really is loving this book and I often find him reading it when school is not in session.

Homeschool Math on the go


This week he moved into lesson 4 of Swimming Creatures which is all about aquatic herps. I have to admit, I didn’t know what a herp is. If you are like me, herps are reptiles and amphibians. Little Man was able to pretend to be a sea turtle using only his “fins” to pull himself up on the beach.

Language Arts:

A Sentence A Day” from Prufrock Press is proving to be an invaluable tool in my teacher school box. I write down an incorrect sentence each day and he gets to proof and re-write it correctly. For a child who learns facts quickly having to proof a sentence that appears to be correct but has mistakes is helping him to apply his factual knowledge to actual real world grammar. I as his momma am loving it!
He also worked through some grammar diagramming sentences exercises. At one point he said, “Mom, this is easy.” Which made my heart glad. I told him how I love diagramming sentences and he said, “I Do too.”

SQUILT Music Appreciation:

Have I mentioned how much I love Squilt? Little Man finished up his lesson on Jeremiah Clarke’s “The Prince of Denmark March”. Mary has truly put together an amazing product! Oh, and she is running a half off special this weekend, just use the code: BFRIDAY at checkout.  

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  1. I hope it’s okay that I linked up two posts. I would really hate to be banned from the linkup at my first go at it. So, sorry in advance if I broke the rules. Last week was a very long week.


    Thank you so much for this awesome link up! I love that you have full school days. I love seeing what others do with their time.

    I came to you from the homeschoolers facebook group.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    So glad you found my little Link up. Feel free to stop in each Saturday to link up your homeschool week in review posts.
    No banning here, however since this is for week in review posts only, I’ll remove the link for the printables, although they are super cute. (I’ll add them to my Pinterest All About Autumn Board.)

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