Homeschooling During Times of Illness

Many people wonder what to do in homeschool when the teacher, mom, or the students, your kids get ill during the school year. Well the short answer is, whatever you want. You, as the homeschooling teacher can decide how you will handle illness in your homeschool

There are a variety of ways to approach illness during homeschooling. And, really it’s going to depend on how sick you or the child is.

Five Ways to Homeschool During an Illness

  1. Modify the Schedule
    You can choose to modify the schedule and activities for the week. If you had planned to go to co-op or a field trip, you should opt to stay home. Reduce the expectations for the week and focus only on the core subjects.
  2. Let them Read
    Don’t give in to letting them play video games instead of schooling. Instead, you can let them homeschool through reading. Spend the week curled up on the couch with good books and let the kids read when they feel up to it. Whether it’s classical literature, or diving into their favorite fiction simply letting them read for enjoyment will help to improve their reading and comprehension skills.

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