This Week…Spring Cleaning Begins During Break

 Spring Cleaning During Unexpected Spring Break

This week we took a break from school. I don’t typically schedule spring break, however I had the opportunity to babysit for a brother in the church who happens to live 3 doors down.
So we had visitors 3 days this week, Ben age 4 and his brother Nathaniel age 6. I was really surprised at how well the boys got along. I had imagined that Little Man would lose patience by the 3rd day. He can be quite possessive with his things. However, on Sunday evening he set aside things that he would prefer they not play with and we explained that everything else was fair game. He agreed. In fact, he surprised us with how little he set aside. I heard very little arguments and they all got along pretty well. Especially, considering they were stuck inside due to a late winter, uh, I mean early spring snow storm.
With 3 days down and we only school from Monday through Thursday, I just let Little Man have the rest of the week. I did some spring cleaning. I’ve decided to take this slow tackling each job completely, instead of my usual lack of focus and hopping from one task to the next.
So I have cleaned 5 windows inside and out as well as between the panes. I washed, dried and rehung curtains from those windows. I also cleaned the front entry, dusting, vacuuming, mopping the stairs. cleaning the door inside and out, as well as the screen door. I also re-set the entry table with a new flower arrangement. I’m thinking it’s looking pretty.
I freshened up the bird feeder. All the spring birdies have returned to the area. Since so many trees were cut down, there are more nests than ever in the pines in the front yard, which is near the feeder. As soon as I added new seed to the feeder I immediately saw finches swooping in for a quick meal.
Beloved is planning to get started on yard work this week. We need to clean out the flower beds, till the garden area, buy seed. He still has wood to chop from all the trees down in the yard. I think perhaps we should get started.

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