This Week… Student Self Pacing

Slowing Down a Bit

Homeschool Student Self Pacing

This week at Great Peace Academy, following our week away in Cleveland last week, I decided to slowly ease back into a school routine. In fact, I’m encouraging Little Man to self pace his learning. I’ve given him some options to choose from. I know the options given will be educational but he has a measure of control over what and when he learns. We take very little time off through the academic year so sometimes allowing him to do this is a great motivator. We focused on key subjects this week rather than spreading out to a lot of topics.  

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products mentioned within context of the weeks work. I hope that if you are encouraged by what we are learning you will consider linking over and learning more about the products mentioned. 


I switched to some New Testament learning for spring. We are giving a new Bible study curriculum a try. It’s called Growing Up in God’s Word, and we are doing Life of Christ part 2. Be sure to read the full review from earlier in the week. What I like is each lesson is designed to last a week and the teachers guide helps the student to dig in deep and really learn from God’s Word. You will be hearing more about this wonderful, new to the homeschool market material in my week in review posts. 


I was blessed with some books recently by some families at our homeschool gym who share used curriculum. So to help encourage my son to develop a love for reading something more that non-fiction and reference books I am letting him read through some at his own pace. He finished this week Hubert Invents the Wheel. In fact, on Monday when we were leaving for gym class he asked if he could take it along! That is a huge step toward reading for entertainment! He finished the book by the end of the day. We are also working through Abeka’s: Worlds of Wonder so he can build up his reading comprehension skills. 


As a Prufrock Press Blogger I received for a review a couple of weeks ago, Can You Count in Greek: Exploring Ancient Number Systems. When I opened the package and Little Man saw it, he grabbed it right up and began working through it. He’s taken it along in the car and is fascinated to learn the numbering systems of the ancient cultures. So far he’s worked in Greek, Egyptian, and Roman. It’s been a good fit for his math mind as well as our regular studies following a chronological study of history. 

Learning Ancient Math


This week he moved into lesson 7 of Swimmming Creatures of the 5th Day from Apologia Science. It’s a good fit since he just was visiting the aquarium last week. He’s now studying sharks and rays. Which he observed at the aquarium. So as he reads through the text he has first hand recollection of what he saw, felt and experienced. 

Science and Sharks


Last Sunday we tried a new chess club. Some of our same friends were trying it out too. It was recommended to us so we are seeing if it’s a good fit for our children.

Chess Club

He has been building away at his Roller Coaster Tycoon video games. He enjoys doing those and he is stimulating his engineering mind. 

Jonathan loves his gym class. I never thought I would say that. But it’s true. 

We are heading out of town again this weekend. A good, good friend, and dear Sister in the Lord is moving south to Alabama. We will miss her terribly but know that it’s a good move for her and a blessing from the Lord. We are helping her move. Beloved is driving the moving truck, which will stay in Alabama, so Little Man and I are driving along to bring him back. We’ll be back late on Monday, so if you don’t hear much from me over the weekend that is why.

Do you take time off in the spring? Or, like we do, take time to slow down some and let your kids self pace their learning? Be sure to link up and share your homeschool week in review posts. 

I’m looking forward to meeting some of you when I go to convention in Cincy. Are you planning to go to Great Homeschool Convention? Let me know and we can maybe accidentally bump into each other. 

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  1. We’re taking a week off but not until May and it’s our family vacation. Any other days off this Spring were/are not planned, but I’m sure we’ll be off more!

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