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Hey everyone, I hope you are enjoying family time this week. is home for the first weekend in months so we are looking forward to time together.  Sorry the “This Week…” post is a bit late. Below I’ve shared a couple of resources through my . If you think you might like them, check out there home on the web.

voicing opinions

For School this week we had a regular week. But I have begun to notice that my Little Man has begun to voice his opinions when it comes to areas of learning. He has an obvious desire to learn and he also works at an accelerated rate so I have given him a little freedom to choose.


In Bible Study Guide for All Ages we moved into the book of 1 Samuel. Jonathan loved learning about Hannah and he even recognized how Hannah called Samuel that name because it means “God Hears,” then went on to explain that his name means “God Gives” and that was because God had given him to me and dad.


Little Man asked is he could go back to Khan Academy. I said sure, what if we do a little of both and he thought that was a good idea. He says he thinks K.A. is just more of a challenge for him. I love that he was able to voice his specific reasoning to me. So this week in K.A. he learned about Vectors.


He continued to learn about Aquatic Herps. He is fascinated by the variety in this set of animals. He keeps telling me he thinks the mud puppies are “cute.” Um, ok.

Independent Study:

Little Man saw this book on the shelf this week and said, “Mom, can I just read this?” So on Monday I dropped most of the schedule for the day so he could explore “Real-Life Science Mysteries” by my friend Colleen Kessler and Prufrock Press.

Language Arts:

He finished up what I would call unit 1 of grammar. Now he’s working to reinforce his basic understanding of structure of a sentence. We are continuing to use “A Sentence A Day” by Samantha Prust from which is challenging him a bit. But it’s helping me to see areas he needs to work on a bit more.
A Sentence A Day
When you have a child gifted in memorizing facts sometimes you have to stay ahead of them by challenging what they know with real world application. “A Sentence A Day” does just that.


He had chess club on Thursday. I’ve come to realize that when it comes to children with advanced learning abilities it is important to surround them with other people who think in a similar way. For us, chess club is one of the ways we are doing this.

chess club for strategic socialization

On Friday, our co-op was cancelled due to the church who hosts us needing to use the building for a funeral. We attend the congregation so I volunteered to supervise the luncheon for the grieving family and Little Man was a big help in getting everything organized and ready.


I along with the entire Ohio Homeschooling Community voiced our concerns over a . We from the time the public was made aware of the bill it was withdrawn.

Did you notice that I released “?” It’s just $5.99. So if you live in Ohio or any of the surrounding regions, I invite you to see the details about this book. It’s sure to be your go to resource for Ohio Homeschooling. 

Ohio HOmeschooling Cover250

How about you? What was your homeschooling week like? I will not have a “This Week…” post next Saturday as I spend time with my family. That means I will be seeing you In the New Year. Have a Safe, and joyful end to 2013 everyone.


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