Great Peace in Review, 2014 Top 10 Posts

As the new year begins I want to take a moment to look back at the top 10 posts for 2014. Looking back is a good way to review the year see what worked, what didn’t and make adjustments for new year. As I look back through blog posts for 2014 I’m struck with gratitude for each an every one of my readers. You encourage me, inspire me and offer me such genuine loyalty that I feel humbled.

Top 10 Blog posts for 2014 at Great Peace Academy

During the past year I made some major changes to Great Peace Academy. I created a new design and overall feel for the blog. I’m expanding the focus of Great Peace Academy to include more family life, marriage, homemaking and devotional posts, which is why I’m changing the overall name of Great Peace Academy to Renée at Great Peace.

As I look back and begin to move forward with 2015 I wanted to share with you the Top posts on Great Peace Academy for 2014.  Many of which are resource posts that are good to bookmark or pin for future reference.

 Top 10 Posts for 2014

My Top Post for 2014 was my Incredible FREE Homeschool Printable Resources post.


  1. Incredible Homeschool Printable Resources
  2. Homeschool Award Printable Certificates
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Education Methods
  4. 100 Free Lego Learning Printables
  5. 100 Games for Gifted
  6. Winter Crock Pot Meal
  7. Gifted Intensity
  8. My Imperfectly Messy Homeschool Room
  9. Incredible Index for Boy Fun
  10. 5 Ideas for Low Cost Couples Getaways


So these are the top viewed posts for 2014, but what was the top post that you enjoyed reading? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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