Top 10 things About my 10 Year Old

Little Man Turns 10

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Happy Birthday to my Little Man.
I am struggling with this big birthday because it means he will never be a single digit again. He cracks me up, daily. I continue to be amazed that the Lord chose me to be his mom. I never want to take him for granted. I want to live joyfully in every moment of my time with him.


To celebrate his 10th birthday I want to share with you my top 10 things about my Little Man.

  • He is funny. He makes me laugh all the time. Sometimes he tells quirky jokes and other times he will just say a word completely out of context just because it’s funny. We laugh together often. I think it was quite fitting that we gave him his middle name “Isaac” which means laughter.

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  • He is loving. He isn’t afraid to say, “I love you.” or give a hug and he still likes to cuddle.
  • He is empathetic. He sees the needs of others and takes it to heart. He most recently has begun to pray for a dear family member when he found out that she isn’t a Christian.
  • He is smart. His smartness doesn’t define him, he is far more than his intelligence, but it is a part of him. He amazes everyone who meets him and while he knows he’s smart he doesn’t portray himself in a proud way, just rather a sure way of knowing what he knows.
  • He is a good companion. We often work near each other, and while he occasionally gets grumpy for the most part he is a happy and joyful boy and he is simply pleasant to be around.

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  • He is a gentleman. He opens my car door, front door, well any door for me. He reminds me to go first and says “Yes ma’am.” as a sign of respect.
  • He is respectful of his elders. You do not often see that in young people today.
  • He is a great learner. He loves learning, being challenged and developing abilities.
  • He is wise. I don’t use that word lightly, he still has a great deal of wisdom to be obtained, but he is wise beyond his years and often sees beyond the outer shell that people put up to their hearts and responds accordingly.
  • He is growing up into a young man, we are seeing signs of maturity just beginning to emerge.

While I am saddened to be leaving behind the little boy who will forever hold a special place in my heart, I am excited to watch as he continues to grow and mature in this next, pre-teen, phase of life. I think the LORD has placed him in just the right place at just the right time and that his future is filled with marvelous possibilities.

Happy 10th Birthday my Sweet Young Man.

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