Training Up a Man

I’m training up a a boy. I’m training up a man. Training takes practice. I want to give him a good foundation so that when he is grown to be a man he will know the proper way to treat his wife.

Training up a boy to a man, teaching him how to treat a woman, by Renée at Great Peace Academy


Beloved does such a good job of teaching him responsibility, and setting an example for how to be a gentleman, but I am the woman that needs to teach him how a lady likes to be treated.

I have had a few mother-son dates with my Little Man. Teaching him how to ask for a date, how to choose where to have the date, what to do and say and talk about. But, I am not the only woman in his life who can do this.

Training Up a Gentleman

Yesterday as his daddy and I were having our anniversary date. Little Man was having a ‘date‘ with Ms. Joyce (our sister in the Lord, our very dear friend, J’s birth father’s mother, his other grammaw.) On Sunday, He asked her if they could have a date, Tuesday at 11:30. She of course said, “Yes.

We got him gift cards to a restaurant and an ice cream parlor. We put them in his wallet. We put some dollars and change in there as well so he could leave a tip. We reminded him that he was to open the door for her and that it was his responsibility to pay the bill. He also wanted to go hiking in a local park.

She said he did very well. She offered him help when he needed it, and was able to make suggestions when needed to help in further training. This was such a good idea. I think he had fun and it brightened her day.

Perhaps your son could benefit from such ‘training.’ Maybe a widow at church or grandma or a favorite aunt could be a ‘stand-in‘ date. Training takes practice. What better way for a boy to practice at dating than to offer a ‘date‘ to someone who needs encouragement, but is also someone that you trust to train him in how to properly treat them.

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