Training Up: Look Them in the Eye

Teaching a Child the Importance of Eye Contact

Give them your eyes, training a child to talk to adults, the importance of eye contact, by Renée at Great Peace Academy

Training up a child is a full time, never ending job. Last week I went into a bank to discuss business banking for my co-op. At the end of my meeting the lady, Marilyn, shook my hand and then offered her hand to my son. He shook it but wasn’t focused. I took him by the chin, lifted his face to hers and told him, “Look her in the eye.

She then commented on how special that training was. She said, most young people today have no idea how to talk to an adult.  And certainly not how to look them in the eye.

This wasn’t the first time I have heard this. I parent my child daily. I train him in every aspect of his life. I educate him on how to work and live within our society, by teaching him how to live for God.

Often you might hear me ask him “What are the fruit of the spirit?

Followed by “Are you exhibiting patience? or joy? or self control? or kindness? or ….”

Fruit of the Spirit free printable by Renée at Great Peace Academy


Fruit of the Spirit Free Printable (Both Pages)

You see it isn’t enough to simply memorize them. He did that when he was 4. I want him to learn how to live the fruit of the spirit, to understand what each of the traits mean and how to apply them to his life. I want him to learn to live IN the Spirit! Not his spirit, but, The Spirit! This isn’t easy! For adults or children, but the earlier we begin teaching them the better they will be as an adult. It is part of training up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, Ephesians 6:4.

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Look them in the Eye shows Acknowledgement

I also want him to understand the importance of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Matthew 22:39. Humility is the hardest of life lessons because we must set aside ourselves for the good of others. By teaching him to look up into her eyes, I am teaching him to acknowledge her, not just to receive her acknowledgement of him.

Training up, is important. It takes time and effort and diligence, and prayer, lots of prayer.

How do you teach your children to interact with others?

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