10 Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Sites and Posts

10 Favorite THM Sites & Posts | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #TrimHealthyMama

This Trim Healthy Mama plan that I’m on is working for me. But I couldn’t do it without some awesome online resources. These are Trim Healthy Mama Sites and posts that offer me extra insight, tips, recipes, and ideas to stay on plan, work within guidelines for meal planning and prep, and eat delicious, healthy food, often.

By the way, those scalloped fotatoes pictured above are really, scalloped turnips. 

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Of course the first site on the web for all things Trim Healthy Mama is the sisters own site and store. You will find free recipes, podcasts, videos, private member site, and more. All designed to help you be succesful utilizing all tat Trim Healthy Mama has to offer.


5 Favorite Trim Healthy Mama Friendly Sites

  • Briana Thomas the self-proclaimed Ice Cream Queen, Briana’s blog is much more than ice cream and even desserts. She has a wealth of thm entrees, side dishes, snacks and drinks. Think, luscious, country-style, comforting food. That’s what you will find from Briana.
  • Gwen’s Nest Gwen’s blog is all about healthy! But, what I love the most about her blog is that she considers the kinds of food that we love in American and then writes recipes that are THMified. Think BREAD! Think Milk shakes, think hamburger skillet deliciousness.
  • Mrs. Criddles’ Kitchen Sarah loves to cook and it shows in the recipes she shares on her blog. They are simple, easy to follow and are generally made with ingredients that you most likely have on hand.
  • The Primitive Palate This is the one to go to when searching for low-net carb recipes. What I especially like is that on her recipe index page she includes the number of net carbs for each. This makes it easy to determine if which fuel type a recipe will fit into when building my meals.
  • Working at Homeschool When you are trying to get a handle on planning your THM meals. This is the place to go. You’ll discover weekly, or monthly meal plans for each month, so she updates her lists often. You can use these as a guide but then tweak them for your own tastes.  

I love Gwen’s Cookbook, Feast. Such a great, down to earth, easy to make recipes.  

5 Posts for the Trim Healthy Mama Follower

These are posts tat I’ve found to be most helpful as I change the way we eat in our family. I’m one of those mammas that used to not be hungry until about 2:00 in the afternoon. I’d skip breakfast, lunc and rarely ever ate a snack, except at night when I’d be ravenous. So canging to a plan where I eat 4-5 times a day is a big change.

  • 34 Healthy Breakfasts for Busy Mornings at Greatist. This is a great list of quick and easy breakfast ideas. Just a note, not every recipe shared is a THM recipe, so proceed with caution, but I have found that most are easily adaptable with a few modifications.
  •  Sugar Free Brown Sugar Recipe at Gwen’s Nest. This was a THM game changer for me. Brown sugar has been a staple in my cooking for as long as I’ve been cooking. When I thought I had to give up the benefits of brown sugar I was devastated. The richness that brown sugar brings to a recipe, especially in baking is unmatched by any other ingredient. I use this in making cookies, my sauce for meatloaf, or sometimes for smoothies to add a rich deep, caramel, flavor. 
  • Traveling on the Trim Healthy Mama Plan at That Organic Mom This post has some great tips for maintaining plan both while traveling and eating out at restaurants.
  • Save Time in the Kitchen with GF THM Freezer Meals at Working at Homeschool. Talk about Drive Thru Sue, well, not exactly, but when you can grab a meal from the freezer for a quick and easy pre-prepped dinner it comes pretty close! That is what you are going to find in this post, freezer meals that you can prep ahead, and then just heat for dinner. 
  • Tips and Tricks for your Trim Healthy Husband at The Coers Family While the whole family certainly doesn’t have to go on the plan with you, who wants to cook multiple meals? Not me! So getting your husband on board might be the key to a successful plan venture. With these tips he’ll be fully on plan with you and not even realize it. I’m kidding, you should gently share the benefits with him, and when he sees your shapely body appearing he’ll want to join with you anyway.

There are a few of the places I like to visit and learn even more about the Trim Healthy Mama plan and thought perhaps you’d like more information, or could use some encouragement. 

What are your favorite places to visit to help you stay “on plan?”

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