Turning the Clock Back to Yesterday’s Homeschool


Turning back the clock to yesterday's homeschool: Advice to my Younger Self. | Great Peace Academy

Advice to My Younger Self 

When I was starting out as a newbie homeschool mom I had this overwhelming fear. Looking back I now realize that the fear stemmed from a place of pride. Pride? you say.Yes, pride. You see I was worried, afraid that others would not approve of, understand or support my decision. So I found myself trying to prove how great homeschooling was. I was always on the defensive, I was speaking as if I had to prove something to someone, yet, never being sure of who it was I was trying to prove it too or even what exactly IT was.

Interestingly, I am not one generally who worries about what other people think of my decisions.

If I could turn back the clock and go back and do it again, knowing what I know now but didn’t know then, I would give myself 3 pieces of advice. Knowing how stubborn I can be, I’m not sure I would heed the advice. Knowing the fear I felt, I wish someone had shared these tips, which is why I’m sharing them with you today.

3 Pieces of Homeschool Advice for my Younger Self

  1. There is nothing to fear, in just 5 years, homeschooling will grow to be the fastest growing form of education in the country.
  2. You know your child better than anyone else and you want what is best for him, it doesn’t matter what others think, trust your heart.
  3. Do not allow others to quiz your child, don’t put him on display for the purposes of proving that your doing the right thing because he can out do others his age.

Knowing now what I do, I realize that it doesn’t matter what others think. I am my child’s best advocate. I have been granted the awesome responsibility of training him up.  By following the path that God leads me to I can’t go wrong.

What advice would you give to yourself when you were starting out?


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5 Replies to “Turning the Clock Back to Yesterday’s Homeschool

  1. Seek God as to what you should be doing. As long as the basics (reading, writing, and math) and Bible and covered, it’s easy to catch up on the rest later.

  2. Amen, sisters!!!! Yes, Shelley and Susan, I sooooo agree! It’s natural to question and second guess ourselves with educating our so very precious charges, but God does and always will see us through! We just need to be patient! So difficult at times, I know! Been there many times as a veteran homeschool teacher/mom for more than 16 years counting the preschool years!!! Keep on keepin’ on ladies! God was good yesterday, is good today, and will be good tomorrow!!!!

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