Twenty Years and counting…

It seems like forever ago. Then I blink and it seems like just yesterday. So how, I often wonder did it get to be twenty years?

Twenty years of “I love you.” and “I love you too.”
Twenty years of holding hands under the covers as we drift off to sleep.
Twenty years of worrying when that last goodbye will come and hoping beyond reason that you get to have that moment to actually say it.
Twenty years of wondering if at the end of the month we will have enough to see us through, and then relief that we always do.
Twenty years of sitting in the worship assembly and sitting next to one another as we lift our voices in praise to our Father.
Twenty years of obliviously joyful moments as well as shockingly sorrowful ones.
Twenty years of him opening my car door for me.
Twenty years of waiting with bated breath for him to come home from work so I could get a kiss. Twenty years of wanting to share every nugget of information with him, even though we agreed long ago that we wouldn’t share other peoples secrets with each other unless we had their permission, so instead we ask them to pray for that person.
Twenty years of arguments and making up.
Twenty years of trying to tell each other how to drive.
Twenty years worth of laundry. (Sigh)
Twenty years worth of dishes. (Double sigh)
Twenty years of knowing, at the end of the day there is someone who loves me.
Twenty years of forgiving.
Twenty years of 3 meals a day.
Twenty years of singing in the car together with the music turned up really loud.
Twenty years of adoring the man I love.
Twenty years of hard work.
Twenty years of hoping for many more years to come.

I love you my dearest Beloved Man. I anxiously await the next Twenty Years, and the next and the next, and the… Happy Anniversary.

Forever Your Lady.

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