Unexpected Travel Plans Being Made!

I woke up this morning without much in the way of plans. We have had a whirlwind few weeks, with me travelling to visit with my mom who isn’t feeling well. This next week will be spent focusing on our homeschool co-op and the end of year activities for that. This weekend I am hosting a wedding shower. But for today, other than the few things that Little Man needed to do for his school day, we had nothing on our agenda.

I should have been doing laundry and getting caught up on that. But as I sat in the family room, I found that relaxing feeling washing over me and I was totally ready to just kick back and chill for the day. I logged in to the usual social networks, checked messages for my blog and some others that I’m involved in.

As I sat enjoying a cup of coffee I began chatting with a friend and fellow blogger and she surprised me with an invite to join her in 2 weeks as she travels to Nashville for the Teaching Them Diligently Conference. I was both honored and humbled by the invite. With Beloved still being out of a job, I never imagined that it would be a possibility.
 But with travelling with a friend, Beloved and I feel confident that we can make it happen.
So now I’m reading lists, checking schedules, planning ahead for posts, school as well as other things I am responsible for while I will be away. What a blessing and a priviledge!


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