Welcome Spring!

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It happens every year. Winter seems long, dark and cumbersome and then spring arrives and signs of life begin to emerge once again. The sun brightens our days and our hearts and we feel a little lighter. I’m always amazed when I see plants peeking through the ground that just a couple of days before was hard and icy, but it happens every year.

Celebrating Spring with Homeshcool Giveaway

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 Today marks the first day of spring for 2014. This week even Little Man is asking if he can go out and play. Of course I said, “Yes!” Spring has arrived here in Ohio and even though we may yet have some snowy days the fact remains that the season is spring and life seems just a little bit easier than during the winter months.

I’m really looking forward to getting out of the house, enjoying some sunshine and some nature walks. I plan to use some of the marvelous nature study books from Cindy West at Shining Dawn Books.  I’m starting with her Creative Nature Walks eBook which has over 100 creative ideas for getting out and exploring nature. 

Creative Nature Walks

Cindy West has many other nature explorer unit studies and she has graciously offered you this exclusive discount.

Spring Nature Study Exclusive Discount

Beautiful Birds Nature Study

 Wonderful Wildflowers Nature Study

Now  through March 31st, 2014 you can get either Beautiful Birds or Wonderful Wildflowers from Shining Dawn Books for only $6.00 each.  Just use the code: GreatPeace.

Spring and Art Go Hand in Hand

Celebrate Spring with Art for All Ages!

Since we are thinking about spring, I’m planning on letting Jonathan explore his artistic passions this spring, by using Southern Hodgepodge’s just released  A Simple Start in Spring Chalk Pastels, which you can get for just $7.99. Actually, I personally love chalking and I decided to try my hand at the flower in the canning jar lesson. What do you think? 

Flowers in a Jar Chalk Pastels

To celebrate the spring arrival I’m hosting a giveaway! 

This one is to help encourage you to step outside your homeschool classroom and explore the classroom that God created, nature. That’s why I am excited to be giving away nature study eBooks from Cindy West at Shining Dawn Books and A Simple Start with Chalk Pastels from Southern Hodgepodge.

Giveaway Details

Early Spring Giveaway Bundle
  • 1 Winner will receive: 1 Early Spring Bundle NaturExplorer Series (3 eBooks) and A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels Spring (1 eBook).

Chalk Pastels & Butterfly Nature Study

  • 1 Winner will receive: A Simple Start Chalk Pastel Bundle including Spring (5 eBooks) and Nature By the Season: Butterflies Flutter By (1 eBook).

Chalk Pastels & Butterfly Nature Study

  • 1 winner will receive A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels Spring (1 eBook) and Beautiful Birds Nature Study (1 eBook).

    Chalk Pastels & Wonderful Wildflowers Nature Study

    • 1 winner will receive Wonderful Wildflowers Nature Study (1 eBook) and Simple Start in Chalk Pastels Spring (1 eBook).

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    What homeschool learning opportunity are you planning for your kids this Spring? 

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    89 Replies to “Welcome Spring!

    1. I love Spring!!! Can’t wait to get outside with the kids for a Sun-day instead of a Snowday! We love bird watching and have many feeders in our backyard….so really hoping to win the bird book 🙂

    2. We’re looking forward to exploring outside. One item on the agenda is the Bison hike at Darby Creek. BTW, nice job on the chalk art; I know that’s one of your talents.
      – Diane J

    3. We’re planning on focusing on exercising outside now that Spring has arrived! More running, bike riding, and hiking:)

    4. We spend lots of time outside and my son is always asking questions about types of birds and bugs and stuff. We have an awesome nature center close that offers lots of activities that we attend when we can.

    5. We are looking forward to planting a vegetable garden this spring! Plus being able to play outdoors more instead of being stuck in the house.

    6. I am looking forward to getting my children outside after this cold winter. I want them to run around and explore on their own as they are still quite young.

    7. I am inspired by your canning jar chalk art. I know the kids are ready to be outside. We should do some nature walks together!

    8. I am looking forward to doing more nature walks this spring. I am also excited about the events that occur in April including the Butterfly Festival and the Dinosaur Museum Visit. There is also an Earth Day library event we plan on attending this spring. I look forward to beautiful weather, taking a camping trip before it gets too hot, going to the park to play, and more.

    9. Can’t wait to start our garden. We’ve built the bed and just now need to wait till we get back from vacation to plant. Great giveaway!

    10. As always your chalk art has be salivating to purchase my own (it is on the agenda for next year finally lol). I love all the books. In all honesty I’m most looking forward to the nature walks and gardening that are coming up, here we have to wait until after Mother’s day to plant anything outside and be sure there will be no killing frost but that doesn’t mean I can’t start the seeds inside 😉

      1. Thank you Chrystal! Perhaps you will win a fabulous chalk eBook! 🙂 I know what you mean about having to wait for the right time to plant, after frost. We have to wait a bit longer here in Ohio too! I have friends in Texas who are already planting!!!

    11. I just love seeing little signs – the birds beginning to build nests and little green shoots! I am looking forward to building a cold frame this year and birdwatching with the daughter. Happy Spring from another Ohioan!

    12. PE! We are doubling and tripling the amount of time we spent outdoors. We’ve already been to the zoo, played endless rounds of badminton and gone flower picking. We’ve also been examining our early spring vegetables to learn about the parts of a plant!

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