What Happens When you Anger 24,000+ Homeschoolers?

Back Pedaling

Homeschool Parents Oppose Ohio Senate Bill 248

Yesterday I wrote to you and told you about a proposed legislative bill in the state of Ohio, of which I am a resident. This bill, introduced on December 3, if it were to stand, would effectively eliminate a parents right to make educational decisions for their children and put that right solely in the hands of the very agency that failed to protect the child this bill supposedly is written for, Child Protective Custody.  At that time the senator who introduced the bill made on her facebook page.

On December the 13th giving all of the pertinent details, but stated no action was needed at this time. Then, on Monday evening of December the 16th the organization issued a Red Alert.

That alert went viral FAST. The information began spreading across facebook like wild fire. Homeschool moms and dads across the state got upset, and rightfully so, that honorable, law abiding citizens would be held accountable for the actions of ONE mother.

OEF worked in conjunction with and to continue alerting families to the introduction of this bill.

By the end of the day the OEF web site had over 153,000 times. I can’t begin to imagine how many hits the state senate’s site has been hit. HSLDA amended their website to ask citizen’s to contact the supporters of the bill.

By the morning of the 18th the senator who introduced the legislation issued .

That was not good enough for the good homeschooling citizens of Ohio. Oh, no it was not.

By mid-day the OEF had issued a call for a for Friday at 10:00 a.m. using the hashtag #OHSB248. Whether you are a twitter follower or not, if you can hashtag on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest or even Instagram on Friday morning at 10:00 a.m. to show your opposition to this bill and support to Ohio Homeschoolers.

Additionally, wrote about his opinion of this bill further extending support to home educating families in this country. The news was viral.

By evening Senator Cafari issued yet another . In the statement she admitted the bill was “far reaching.” She even engaged with constituents on facebook.

Oppose SB 248

So what happens when a politician seeks to introduce a bill that would undermine their privacy, parental authority and even potentially religious freedoms? They stand up and say, I Oppose Ohio SB 248!  They email their Senators with a flood of emails, they facebook their Senators with a flood of posts, they shout from every fiber of their being “I Oppose Ohio SB 248!”


As of  apx. 4:00 p.m ET  of December 19th. Just about 48 hours after the story was released, Senator Cafaro announced that she will be going through proper channels to withdraw the proposed Bill. The voices of the Ohio Homeschooling Community have been heard. Democracy in Action! Thanks to EVERYONE who stood along side our community to show support!

This just goes to show! We can NOT remain silent when our rights are being infringed upon. 


5 Replies to “What Happens When you Anger 24,000+ Homeschoolers?

    1. Beth,
      I think even the organizers of the I Oppose campaign were surprised at how quickly we moved and for me the fact that we did this while the Senate was in recess just goes to show, you can’t wait!

  1. I saw the rise and fall on Facebook as well. I may not homeschool in Ohio (we live half the year in KY and half in MI so I follow both of their laws) but I passed the word and signed petitions just as fast as I could. I’m so glad that this proposal was dropped (is being dropped?) it just goes to show you what happens when you anger a giant group of people! You guys were supported all over this country! And though I hope we never have to face something like this again I’m sure somewhere sometime it will happen and I am proud to know that other Americans have got my back if I am living in the state it happens in.

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