What I Have Learned

I wanted to share with you the top 20 things I have learned as my Beloved and I celebrate our 20th anniversary tomorrow.

Remembering Marriage Vows, to love, honor, cherish and obey, Marriage Moment by Renée at Great Peace Academy.

  1. Some days are easier than other days, but everyday is worth the effort.
  2. Attraction is a state of mind.
  3. I’ve learned that I still after 20 years don’t like doing dishes. But that it is a part of life and it’s MY responsibility because God designed it that way.
    So I might as well just get to it.
  4. God is always right, My husband is usually right, I am almost always wrong.
  5. Men take longer in the bathroom than women do.
          TRUST ME ON THIS!
  6. Cooking is inevitable.
  7. Their is joy in togetherness and sorrow in departure. For me, it’s still very true.
  8. There is something extremely comfortable about getting in bed and our toes finding each other beneath the covers even when we don’t want to snuggle.
  9. Snuggling is awesome.
  10. There is ALWAYS enough when we trust God to provide.
  11. I have never, and I mean never gone a day without a meal except by my own choice.
  12. Don’t let the unsaid, go unsaid. Say it, get it out in the open and don’t dwell on it once you’ve said it.
  13. When we rely on each other we are better equipped to withstand any storm.
  14. When we rely on God we will STAND solid as a rock.
  15. Submission is hard! But, it is right.
  16. My mother was right, more than I ever want to admit.
  17. Never part from each other’s presence without saying “I love you.” you never know.
  18. Kiss goodnight, you never know where it might lead. 😉
  19. It’s NOT all about Me. We are in this together.
  20. Forgive, Forgive, Forgive. When Jesus Forgives, He forgets. So Forget, Forget, Forget. Easier said than done.

Whatever year you are celebrating, know that working to build a strong marriage is worth it. Working to learn how to balance your wants/needs with his wants/needs is important. If you are married to a good man, who is working to honor you, while you honor him… then you are blessed.

Blessings of a Peaceful Marriage,

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