Why I Use Online Math Lessons: An Uzinggo Review

Online Math Lessons

With Uzinggo you can teach using online math lessons and science lessons with their interactive program.

OnlineGeometry Instruction with Uzinggo | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnet
Since math is my weakness and Little Man’s strongest area of work, I was thrilled when Uzinggo offered to sponsor this review post.  They provided me with a free subscription to their math and science lessons in exchange for my honest review of their online program. Be sure to read more about Uzinggo’s online home school resources, then register below for the Giveaway of one of their Ultimate Packages.

As a homeschool mom to an advanced learner who is especially gifted in math, I am always looking for programs which can help me to teach areas of math that I struggle with or quite honestly am not familiar with. He currently is working in geometry, which I never took in high school, or even in college.

Uzinggo offers online math and science lessons for both middle and high school students. I was able to register for middle school science and high school math to cover the idiosyncratic  learning (different levels) of my child.

Setting up Your Account:

Uzinggo is offering discounts to all of my readers. This 20% discount code on all annual subscriptions is valid through 12/31/2013. When registering use this code: HOLIDAY20 (case-sensitive). This code is valid for both high school and middle school.

  • The teacher or parent sets up an account for themselves as the teacher. From the teacher account you can preview videos, print lessons, have access to teacher answer keys, and monitor student’s progress.
  • Each set of lessons are set up in a ZingPath which includes 5 video activities. From the ZingPath screen I opened each activity working from left to right, then at the bottom of the screen I clicked the page button to print the lesson print out.                                                                               



Homeschool Teacher Tip: I print enough lessons to cover 2 weeks on my lesson plans at a time.

  • You also will set up a separate login account for each student, using separate email addresses. The students are awarded with motivational Zings (an awards/point system) based upon individual work completed; which is why it is important for each student to have a separate login.                   

Homeschool Teacher Tip: Be sure when you are previewing videos or printing worksheets that you do so from the teacher login or else you affect your student’s points.

Online Science Lessons

Uzinggo offers self-paced science lessons with interactive videos and virtual experiments and labs. These lessons can be used either as a complete science curriculum or the interactive videos and labs can be used as a supplemental resource for curriculum you are already using.

I chose the middle school science for Little Man. What I found was that Middle School Courses have Life, Physical, and Earth & Space Sciences available. Since we are currently doing life sciences and marine biology in our homeschool I chose the Life Science Course.

I found that for our school I could use the Ecology lessons to enhance our current curriculum by utilizing the habitat designer. This designer walks the student through setting up a habitat for an animal in a step by step instruction. We set up a habitat for a Sea Turtle.

Online Science Instruction with Uzinggo | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnet

Parents can preview each of the interactive options, print lessons and monitor work and assessments from the parent/teacher login. The science lessons are ideal for homeschooling families who teach science from a secular worldview while those who are teaching science from a Christian worldview might find the use of the interactive labs to be the most beneficial. 

Online Science Instruction with Uzinggo | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnetOnline Math Lessons

Their math lessons are structured in a way that helps students to quickly identify terms they are and are not familiar with, followed by an instructional video. This homeschool resource can be utilized by families either as a complete online math curriculum or as an online tutoring program. 

After watching the video students can document what they have learned on the printed lesson page and at the end of a ZingPath they can practice problems related to the set of lessons that they have been learning about.

Here’s how these online math lessons work:

  1. I printed each of the print outs for the ZingPath including the practice problems.
  2. The student then completes the first part of each lesson which is a pre-lesson. Afterwards, they watch the video, followed by the rest of the lesson questions. Students are awarded with Zings (virtual coins) for each video or assessment they engage in.
  3. From the printable lessons the child can practice problems at the end of the ZingPath.
  4. The program also offers an online assessment after the student completes each set of lessons. Once the student completes the assessment, the software calculates their score and grades the assessment. 

 Online Math Instruction with Uzinggo | GreatPeaceAcademy.com #ihsnet

Whether using Uzinggo as a homeschool math curriculum or for online math tutoring, parents and students can feel confident that the material is presented in a modern, digital, and interactive way, yet complete in it’s instruction.

When using this as a tutoring program, you as a parent can search for specific topics using the “Find a Lesson” section or by using the search bar. Doing this will allow you to hone in specifically on topics that your child is struggling in or you need assistance in teaching.

What I am seeing as an advantage to our homeschool is that I can utilize  interactive videos for instruction; which takes the pressure of teaching math information that I am not familiar with off of me. The printout  activities allow for hands on reinforcement of lessons learned which helps me to ensure that he is not only learning from a video but showing understanding by working problems. These printouts will also serve as a part of our homeschool assessment portfolio when the time comes.

You can get to know more about Uzinggo by following them on their social media channels. , , YouTube and .

Renée at Great Peace Academy


This Post is part of iHomeschool Network’s The Massive Guide to Homeschooling Math.


6 Replies to “Why I Use Online Math Lessons: An Uzinggo Review

  1. I believe with Uzinggo, I could unleash my oldest child’s math abilities. She is a little behind on math for her grade level, but she is smart, so I think she could do well with this program if she had the opportunity to try it out.

  2. I will be looking for something as we progress in math. This is an interesting option. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. looking at using uzinngo for 6th grade math. Did you end up supplementing with anything? or was the course enough?

    1. Nicole,
      It’s been a while since I used this, but I didn’t need to supplement with anything additional for math. Since my son was working ahead of his age/level the material was enough to meet his need for the eyar.

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