Winter Time Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

It seems the entire country is blanketed in cold weather! That might make it difficult to get out and about. Especially, if you need to find a babysitter to come in to watch the kids so you can have a date night. But, you CAN manage date night even during the cold winter months.

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Keep reading to discover ideas for how you can keep your monthly date night active even when there is snow on the ground. 

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Winter Time Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

▬ Bundle Up! And head out for a walk in the snow.

Unless your sidewalks in the neighborhood are coated with dangerous ice, don’t let snow stop you from enjoying a walk. Put on some warm waterproof boots, a layer of thermal underwear, and bundle up in warm clothes, a scarf, a knit cap, gloves and winter coat.

Head outdoors and breath in some fresh air with your man by your side. If there happens to be snow falling, be sure to take a few selfies. Because, the lighting means gorgeous photos of you spending time with your beloved. 

 ▬ Go out for some quiet time together at the local cafe. 

There’s nothing quite as comforting as a hot mug of coffee, or tea on a cold winter’s day. So drop the kids at a friends house (hello play date), Take a deck of cards along and at the cafe try to find a quiet corner, Spend the morning playing rummy and drinking some hot java. Be sure when you leave to grab a couple extra hot drinks to go, and take it to your friends who let your kids play with theirs all morning, as a thank you. 

Get Tickets to a Local Basketball Game

With football wrapping up, basketball is in full court press during this time of the year.  Ahem, did you notice my use of sporting terminology? If your man is anything like mine, and the millions of others in who are thrilled by all things sports, then he’ll be super excited when you want to go to a ball game with him.

Be sure to hold hands, get hot dogs at the concession stand, share a cola, and steal kisses when the home team scores two, or three, or even shoots a foul-shot.

▬ Schedule a Photo Session

There is something so magical about photos of a loving couple in the snow. So call a local photographer and see where they recommend for a gorgeous photo shoot with your man. Be sure to bundle up!

▬ When the Weather is Frightful, Warm Up Inside with a Fire and a Movie

Make homemade pizza for the family, and one extra one that’s just for you and your honey to share. Feed the kids dinner earlier than usual and if they are young, give them baths and bedtime a little early tonight too. If they are older, simply tell them you and dad need some time alone, and you’d like them to play, read, do video gaming, or whatever it is they like to do in their rooms. 

If you have a fireplace light it up. If not, set the stage by lighting a few candles and turn down the lights. Pop some popcorn, pick out a great movie on Amazon Prime and then curl up on the couch with you man while you share that pizza and popcorn. 

▬ Fondue Date Night

It’s cold outside, but the Fondue pot is a hot, slow meal that progresses from savory to sweet and decadent. Take your time, enjoy each other’s company. 


▬ Plan a Weekend Getaway to a Cabin in the Woods

Have you ever taken a weekend getaway just the two of you to a cabin in the woods for winter? The quiet is incredible! When you are out of cell phone range and there isn’t a TV in sight, it’s amazing how the two of you will focus on each other. Depending on where you live, it’s most likely the best time of the year to get the cheapest rates! 

▬ Transform your Bedroom

Can’t Plan a Weekend Getaway? How about instead planning a weekend sleep-in. This is going to take some planning ahead on your part so be prepared to get everything in place to make the at-home retreat even more relaxing.

Call grandma and schedule a weekend sleepover for the kids.

Plan the meals you’ll have with your husband, in bed, for a couple of days. If you prep them ahead of time so that all you have to do is plate and warm in the microwave you won’t have to worry about cooking and cleaning up the kitchen. You could even plan to order a pizza or Chinese delivery.

Now, prep your bedroom so you can turn it into an escape. 

Remove the personal everyday items from your room (just for the weekend). Change the sheets to something different, soft, white, Egyptian cotton, would be good for that feeling of escape. Load the bed with lots of extra pillows for a luxurious feel.

Drape the bed with a  simple netting drape. If you have one, move a small dorm size fridge into the room and load it with your favorite beverages and snacks. Have lot’s of candles on hand for a warm glow. 

I’m not going to tell you HOW to spend your time, you and your man should be able to figure that out, but the point is to focus on each other, and let the outside world fade away.




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Winter Time Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

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