Winter Games Resources for a Homeschool Unit Study

I love the season of international games. It doesn’t matter if it’s the summer games or the winter games. For the summer games I like to watch gymnastics, swimming, diving and track & field. It might surprise you to learn that my favorite winter games sport to watch is curling. I’m just very amazed at what they can do. I also love watching ski jump and ice skating.

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Winter Games Unit Study Resources | Renée at Great Peace #homeschool #unitstudies #wintergames #ihsnet
Winter Games are fun! And they make a great topic for a unit study!
Because I know many of you would like to do the same, I’m sharing some winter Olympic study resources with you. 

Official Winter Games Resource Information

To keep up with all the latest surrounding the 2018 Winter Games visit these official websites. 

PyeongChang Learning

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Winter Games History & Geography

Ancient Games History

Winter Games Art Study

Art doesn’t have to be complicated.

Winter Games Video Art Lessons

Winter Games Music Study

Winter Olympic Science Study

Winter Games Math

Books for Learning More about Winter Games

A Kid’s Guide to the 2018 Winter Games

▬ Freeze Frame: A Photographic History of the Winter Olympics

▬ The Winter Olympics

▬ Ancient Greek Athletics

The Olympics: A History of the Modern Games

English, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary

Winter Olympics Worksheets

Free Printable Winter Games Worksheets

Winter Games Printable Activity Pack | Renée at Great Peace #wintergames #homeschool #printables #ihsnet

  • Vocabulary
  • Copywork 
  • Geography
  • Learn about the games
  • Mapping
  • Matching
  • Scripture Copy
  • Maze & Matching
  • Favorite Athlete Fact Sheet

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Books about the Winter Sports

▬ Winter Olympic Sports: Ice Hockey & Curling

▬ Winter Olympic Sports: Bobsled & Luge

Winter Olympic Sports: Skiing

Winter Olympic Sports: Figure Skating

▬ Winter Olympic Sports: Snowboarding

Additional Winter Games Resources

So what is it that I love about curling? Well, I think it’s amazing that they can throw this heavy granite stone across the ice, create a path of friction with brooms and lay that stone with such precision. It’s simply amazing.

 What is your favorite winter sport? I’d love to know, share your favorite Winter Olympic moments in the comment section below. 
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